Monday, January 30, 2012

I blame all of YOU!

Yes, it is all YOUR fault. Ok, it started with me as I loved my Mums Pyrex mixing bowls, I thought it might be nice to have a set as I used to bake with them as a kid.  It should have ended there with the bowls, it should have but it didn’t. Once I started blogging a whole new world of Pyrex opened up to me, the gorgeous colours and the patterns.  I mean, I don’t have to feel guilty collecting Pyrex because it is useful and cheap (mostly) but my cupboards are filling up. Last week my sister and I stopped off at Savers which is a new thing to South Australia (actually the only one in SA). I found the Pyrex below for $3-$4 each and I couldn’t help myself. I love them all apart from the blue and white, I just like that one. Probably should have left it there.  See what you Pyrex lovers have done to me, I think I might be a little Pyrex mad!

I love the pattern on this dish. 

 My Nana and Pa had a gorgeous huge red club lounge suite when I was young.  In the 80’s they replaced it with a modern two seater and two recliners. They covered it in white sheets to protect it. I remember saying to my Dad that they might as well have kept the old lounge and covered it in sheets. To my horror he told my Nana this, I was so embarrassed. When they went on their annual six week caravan holiday to the coast they had an unexpected house sitter. A possum had  ventured down the chimney, made a huge mess and unfortunately passed away in their lounge room.  "See! This why we have sheets on the lounge" I was told.  Hee, hee.

My Nana came over from Wales when she was seven and went back for a holiday in her older years. She brought home a heap of tea towels and so the sheets came off the lounge and the tea towels went on (as a head rest). I must say that I thought it was a much better idea, at least you could see the new lounge. I remember her having this one so I had to grab it (it's never been used either, just like hers!). She was a fantastic Nana with a cheeky spark.

This short glass vase is a cutie and I like having vases in the cupboard (Mr M likes glass also so I can use that as an excuse).

I also picked up a Holly Hobbie sheet but the pic keeps going sideways so I am giving up on that one. Have listed it on eBay.

The week that was:

I hit the town with my sister and her friend and some of our cousins on Saturday night. Well it has been about 5 years in between nightclub drinks for this old duck. My cousin (pictured) and I used to hit the town every weekend from 18 to early twenties but these days it's nappies and snot instead.  We had a blast even though we were with young chickies of 24-30 that made us feel very old indeed.

Me on the left.

Have a great week!
Sherry :)

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A plate, some cats and Pyrex.

Another slow week here in Hello Vintage thrift land. I had a quick thrift on the way to work on Thursday and again with the kids on Saturday morning but not much to be found. I had to drive right on by the garage sales Saturday morning as it was too hot and Master M is not keen on garage sales (whose child is this?? - lol). It has been ages since I have been 'sailing'.

Here are my Thursday finds:

This little platter plate is called 'Autum' by Woods and Sons England. Not what I would normally go for but I had gone past it a couple of weeks and this week it was calling to me. $4.50.

My first Pyrex with a holder. $4, no lid unfortunately but a really cute pattern don't you think?!

I saw there little salt and pepper cats coming out and I thought I might try and sell them as I am trying to get some money together...more about that below.

Finds for Saturday:

Mr M and I can't decide if our family is complete. At the moment I would say only a 20% chance of another baby. If I am having a warm fuzzy day with the family I think 'ahhh, maybe 40% chance'. If the kids are driving me bonkers it's more like a 5% chance. :) Even though this is the case I couldn't go past this vintage baby dress for $1.50. Once I got out of the dingy store I found a little stain that may or may not come off - doh!

I also picked up these shoes but I am not sure if I will keep the silver ones or not, they might have to be sold.

I am hoping to do some selling soon. Hmm, I have said this before but I have motivation this time. I am off to Melbourne for a four day/three night shopping trip in June. Yee ha! My sister, cousin and I have been on a similar trip twice before. The first time we went was before Master M was born and one when he was about two. Gosh I really missed him, I don't know how I will go this time. I think the kids will be fine though.

We do so much walking in Melbourne it is ridiculous. I will have to take a pedometer along so we can be in awe of our shopping stamina.

I am hoping to make some money instead of using our savings or dipping into other money. So here is the money raised so far. Ok, ok it's actually money that I got for Christmas. At least it's a start!

Fundraiser Thermometer

The week that was:

Not much to report this week but I had to put up this pic of Little Miss with a friends dog. I had to remind her to be gentle but 'Freckles' didn't seem to mind as she hung around anyway.

Have a fantastic week!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrifty finds and window shopping

I really have to get back to garage sales because I am having NO luck at the oppies. Ahh, it's been slim pickings this week I can tell you! I did see a fantastic retro side board in mint condition for $65. I am kicking myself now that I didn't grab it and I am sure by the time I go to the op shop later this week it will be gone (oppie is about a 30 minutes drive).  The one that got away.

I did find these Bendigo Pottery mugs for 50c each. There were six but two of them have some crazing that has gone dark. These have crazing but they are not too bad. Linking in with Flea Market Finds.

I found this night gown for $5, I can't help myself with vintage clothes if they are cheap.

It's a gorgeous colour don't you think.

Next is this little vintage box of title letters for the old movie cameras. I remember Dad had a Super 8 movie camera when I was growing up. I wrote and directed my first film using that camera. My siblings and I then went onto the big chunky VHS camera and made many short films and documentaries. A full length feature my brother, sister and I wrote, directed and starred in  was called 'Nightmare on New Street' (we lived on New St). A thriller, come mild horror that starred a meat cleaver hanging from a broom stick with fishing wire. We used a hair dryer to flick pages of books to make it look like a ghost was reading it - it was a classic! At one stage we needed a voice over for one of my little sister's scenes, we were in a bind as she had gone to  bed. As my brothers voice hadn't broken yet we used his scream, worked perfectly.  I hope we can find the movie one day and it's still watchable, it was a bit of a crack up and even had a gag real to the song Dizzy byVic Reeves with the Wonder Stuff. Ahh, thems were the days.

Below are some pics from a swap meet on the weekend. Unfortunately I got there late and they were packing up as I was looking. Also about 60% of what was being sold was car parts. Still I found a few interesting things to gawk at.

Like this gorgeous girl, I can just picture her in her heyday. Beautiful...

Vintage radios are always good.

The owners of this day bed tried really hard to sell it to me so that they wouldn't have to cart it home again.

While the porter on the left was beaming at me and wanting his picture taken with my new fang dangled camera, the one on the right was not so impressed but has to put up with people like me if he wants his tip.

Here the swap meet is, partly packed up already at 11:00am. Well I did have a late night.

The reason I was up so late the night before (apart from Little Miss keeping me up all night) was a catch up with school mates at one my friends new rental. It is huge! It was built by one of the well-to-do business families in the district (I am thinking 1950's but not sure). It still has most of the original features and around every corner was something to ohh and ahh at. Here is a small selection below.

Ok so the pics are not the best but terrazzo, wall paper and original appliances make for a retro cool house.

The week that was:

Spent a relaxing day celebrating my sisters 30th birthday today. That is her jumping off the jetty at Port Elliott. Managed to not get burnt, had a bit of a swim and even managed to fit in a quick thrift shop (but as I said, poor pickings this week). We were supposed to go out for dinner tonight but she changed her mind and stayed down at the beach, can't say I blame her. Wish I was still down there too!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More chairs and other finds.

What is it with me and chairs at the moment? Even though I  recently bought this chair, I couldn't help myself when I saw this one...

One armed (how it is designed), very funky hey! I think I will re-varnish the arm and legs. The fabric is in good condition but needs a clean, there are a couple of fluffy areas of fabric that I will have to do something with but overall it's great. If I can't find a spot for this chair, I may have to sell it (but that would be a shame). Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to say that it is REALLY comfy!

I also recently bought  two wooden folding chairs, not sure if I will keep them as is or paint them. $5 each! The old lady I got them from was holding up her garage sale shelving with them. I asked if they were for sale and she said if I came back Monday I could pick them up. When I got there Monday she couldn't remember me...hmm, not good but luckily her memory clicked back in and she said yes, she had put them aside for me. :)

I picked us these yellow and white folding chairs in hope that one day I will be able to get the old caravan out of Dads shed. I have some fond memories of that caravan from when I was a kid and would love to give it a new life and new memories. These chairs  would be cute with it I think! $3 each!

This dish below is from an op shop near my work. I sometimes go for a walk at lunch and as turns out I can walk to this oppie and back within half an hour. Nice!

I love Depression glass (not sure if this is Depression or not as I have not seen this pattern before- will have to do some Googling). I used pink glass for Little Miss' birthday party. I actually had some pieces that I forgot to bring out so maybe will have to do the same this year so they get some use. I love green Depression glass also but as it is so popular it is difficult to find (therefore my collection is mostly pink).

I got a kitchen magazine for $1 and also picked up this little cutie for the same amount. I am a sucker for mixing bowls.

Linking in with Flea Market Finds.

I had an idea that I would do a quick collage of my week, every week. I seem to only get to blog once a week at this stage so I though this might be a nice idea. So here is 'The week that was'...

Beach with Mr M and the pool with Nana and Auntie Gemmie. Fun! Poor Little Miss covered head to toe at the beach due to her fair skin! Mum 1, sun 0.

Enjoy the week ahead!

Sherry :)

PS I am a little bleary eyed so will double check this post in the am. Please ignore any mistakes, incorrect grammar or just anything that doesn't make sense!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More finds and a win.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We had a quiet one and today I have post Christmas and NYE blues today knowing that it's all over for another year. The week between Christmas and New Years is my favourite of the whole year. Everyone in the holiday mood and relaxing. Master M kept asking when we would be going 'on holidays', we had to keep telling him that we ARE on holidays we are just not going anywhere. However I think we will have to book something next year as nothing beats being down the beach in this weather. It's a scorcher here today 39 degrees and similar for tomorrow. We ended up having a huge clean out of Master M's room this afternoon so a very exciting day all round - lol. At least the day wasn't wasted laying around (nothing else to do in this heat).

Below are some pics of  finds from the week before Christmas. I actually had an exciting find yesterday but as I haven't taken pics yet so you will have to wait for the next post.

OK so I paid too much for this but a lovely gentleman talked me into it. Didn't take much talking into though I must say. When I say too much, it wasn't THAT much but more than $10 (oh ok, it was $15).

I love the colour of this canister. The old lady wanted 10 cents!! I gave her 50c - big spender that I am. Hee hee.

Two of the three vintage Bushells jars (two large and one small. Shame they don't have their original lids. I bought them as I thought they would come in handy for something. They would make a great button jar!

 Have I shown you this before? I picked it up about six months ago. Not sure what I am going to use it for but it's pretty don't you think.

Thought I would show you this since it is so cute. Not vintage but reproduction, a little gift that Master M received from Santa. Push the lever on the side and the planes take off.  

Last but not least this is a giveaway win of mine from a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Barn House Antiques! I wore it Christmas Eve and had quite a few comments. Gorgeous isn't it.

Hope you all are recovering well from your NYE celebrations. No recovery needed here apart from sleep as Little Miss decided that she stay awake from 12:15 to 2:15, who knew I had a party animal on my hands! Have a great night.

Sherry :)

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