Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first post!

I started collecting vintage and retro items about six years ago. Much to my dismay I have discovered you cannot keep everything. This is due to the fact that we are still cleaning out my dads shed 10 years after his passing and his collection filled a large paddock when it came time to auction his things! A lot of my finds I sell on, but do keep things that I fall in love with.

I am fond of  kitchenalia which is interesting as I am severely domestically challenged. I seem to have a small collection growing of canisters, Depression glass and kitchen scales. However I buy pretty much anything that is old and interesting (and of course as long as it is a bargain!).

I have started this Blog as I love to talk about my finds but I tend to see friends and families eyes glazing over as I try and discuss what I discovered on the weekend. As for playing my Grandfather's favourite game 'how much do you think I got this for?', they really are spoil sports. They just don’t seem to understand. Crazy people.


  1. I know to well the let down when people really don't care how much you got something for ;) your right, those people are crazy!

    I have that brown flowery sheet... and a very similar one to the purple.


  2. Hey Keshia! Thanks for dropping by. Am going to have to check out your Blog also. Lots of fun eh!

  3. Hello kindred spirit! I totally understand the "glazed over" look you mention- not everyone can appreciate the "stuff" we do! Working on my new blog (it's a mess right now). Keep posting!

  4. Thank you for your nice comment. I can only hope my blog becomes as nice as yours!


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