Sunday, November 16, 2014

Park Side Lunatic Asylum: Refractory Criminal Ward

Hi guys!

I can't believe how long it's been since I have been here. I will have to check out if my favourite Bloggers are still around!

I just wanted to share some pics from yesterday. A friend and I went to check out 'Z Ward' which was as the plans show 'Park Side Lunatic Asylum: Refractory Criminal Ward'. This is in Adelaide, South Australia. Apparently it was originally named 'L' ward but when the phone lines came in people were hearing 'hell' ward.  They decided to change the name to 'Z' which was easy to fix on the linen by adding a line to the L. It's an amazing looking building that housed criminally insane patients and other mentally unstable patients (who had committed minor offences) from 1888-1973. It has not been used to anything significant since but will be refurbished and used as offices in the near future.
This information is from the Glenside Hospital Historical Society given out on the opening.

Z  Ward was open to the public a few weeks ago and so many people came through they opened for another day with bookings. I had not heard about it opening until it was too late the first time so was happy when I saw I would have an opportunity.

 That tiny piece of window is the only part that opens.

It really is a beautiful building.

I took this pic because the friend I was with collects vintage electrical insulators.

This is the 'Ha-ha' wall. It is designed to look a standard height from the outside but on the inside is quite high as below.
What the patients would see from their side. No escaping here.

Upstairs in the Z Ward.

There is another wing on the opposite side which is set out the same as this.

The light went off twice when we were down here. Everyone freaked out for a second and the security guards were miffed. They thought someone was messing with the light switch as they had to turn it back on both times. Hmm, I know nobody was messing with it as we were where right there. Cue Twilight Zone do do do.


A peep hole at the top of the door. There is also one at the bottom for good measure.


If only the walls of Z Ward could talk...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ducks, cake and rabbits on Mother's Day


 Some cute art work from my kidlets.

Here are some of my recent finds.

I was excited to see this is the plastics sections of the op shop for $2.50!! This was in the op shop that I NEVER find anything. On the same visit I found a cute casual dress that has now become one of my favourites.

There were quite a few of these to choose from. At $5 a piece I couldn't resist. Will put one of them in my daughters room (with a new seat cover of course). Check out the timber floor, we are finally getting somewhere with our extension and getting the the fun parts like furniture and eventually kitchen/bathroom.

My friend and I went for a drive to the other side of Adelaide to look at a couch for her and pick up something for me. Was fun to drive around kid free like in the old days. We even stopped at a couple of garage sales where I picked up these duck measuring cups.

 Cute vintage fabric hats that someone has recently put some ties on.

Brand new plastic tea cups/saucers for the caravan.


A few months back we were given two male rabbits by one of Mr M's work mates. He insisted they were males...

One evening Mr M comes in to tell me there is an extra rabbit in the aviary and it must have been hiding underneath the hutch for a while. Hmm, so not males then. A few days later he makes another discovery...tiny baby rabbits. Oh dear! Not really part of the plan. Eeek! The kids love them but hopefully we can find them a home when they are ready.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amazing orange sky!

We had some very strange weather last night. We had a storm warning but didn't get much of a storm. It would have been great to get a little rain as our tank is nearly empty and we will very soon have to buy water which is expensive and STINKY! Yuck! I have not edited these two photos (apart from the border). The sky was a warm orange colour as the sun went down, almost as though a bushfire was close - shudder, thank goodness it wasn't for that reason. A bit eerie but beautiful at the same time.

I love this tree that is on the neighbours side but it is a bit of a worry so close to our driveway. Hopefully if it ever falls it falls down the hill not up!

Well, I went to a garage sale last Sunday that Mr M thought I should go and look at after he had checked it out. Oh how I wish I had known about it on the Sat when it started because by Sunday there was  not a lot left and it was one of those old people garage sales where everything is retro! Ahh! Second thoughts maybe it was good I didn't go earlier.

 Bessemer Tray and retro orange salad servers like my Nana had.I think these will go in the caravan.

This tray has already come in handy when Master M didn't want to go to school so to make him move a bit quicker I gave him his toast in bed. It worked, got to school on time!

This was the cutest of the baskets they had there. Someone else thinks it's cute too. See that little hand below. She was hovering while I was taking photos. It has now been claimed.

How cute is this vintage kids apron. Aww.

Counting Rhymes has the most beautiful illustrations in it. Does anyone else have this one?

Such a sucker for old scales. Picked both of these at a swap meet. Do I need lots of old scales...really???

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bunch of junk!

We decided to go for a drive a few weekends ago a bit late in the day but we did find some garage sales and junk shops. Mr M bought the radios and the phone and I bought the rest. I love the clock but unfortunately I was just about to say to Mr M should I help carry something when he DROPPED IT ON THE GROUND because he had too much in his hands at once!! AHHH! I didn't say too much because he felt pretty bad. He was going to have the glass replaced but I said it wasn't worth it and then Master M BROKE OFF THE SECOND HAND!

Does anyone know about these 'dog and bone' phones? I plugged it into our old phone connection and could hear a change in the phone (as if it was plugged in) but no dial tone. Is there a trick to it? I don't remember there being one unless it  was once set up an an extension and not a main phone as it has an extension number on the front. Would that make any difference though? It was on a phone like this that I spoke with Mr M the first time he rang me at home. Dad had it in his old workshop across from our house. It is where you would go if you wanted a bit of privacy as we didn't have a cordless phone back in ye ole 1995.

The doll is German and I am researching it as it will be a seller. He is such a little cutie.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Magic Cave

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this little Santa for $6 in the glass cabinet at the front of a local op shop. He is like new and he is from the MAGIC CAVE John Martins era!

Father Christmas in action.

This Father Christmas toy was originally purchased at John Martins Magic Cave for $1.35 (still has the price on it!). So glad I found him.

John Martins was an iconic department store in Adelaide, South Australia that opened in in 1866 and closed in 1998.  John Martins would  hold the famous Adelaide Christmas Pageant every Christmas (starting in 1933). It still runs to this day but it is now the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. Once Father Christmas has appeared in the pageant he would set up in the Magic Cave at John Martins (or Johnnies as it was known). When we were kids we would visit the 'Magic Cave' and have a ride on Nipper and Nimble the huge rocking horses that  featured in the pageant, get a pic with the big man and wander around the Magic Cave checking out the crazy mirrors and animated Christmas scenes.   The Magic Cave is now located at David Jones  but hasn't really changed a lot from when I was young. This year Little Miss enjoyed her first ride on Nipper the smaller of the two horses.  Christmas starts in Adelaide once the Christmas Pageant has been.

Little Miss on Nipper.

John Martins Christmas Pageant 1966
This old footage is fantastic (apart from some politically incorrect costumes in there).

Nellie the mechanical elephant

My favourite (and many others favourite) in the pageant is Nellie the elephant. Best known for breaking down in the early days. She is powered by a vintage car engine. Her story below is quite interesting and worth having a look (don't worry it's short).

Nellie in action.

Wishing everyone in blog land a safe and happy Christmas! x

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanks A Treasured Past!

Just a quick thank you to Tam from A Treasured Past.  We received a big parcel of goodies the other day which included my giveaway win and some other treasures. Check it out!

 Tam makes these gorgeous vintage stamp pendants. I chose the Wren, he is so cute. Here is her Facebook page. Have a look, there are some beautiful things to see.

  I can't wait for some quiet time with a cup of tea to have a read of my giveaway win!

Thank you Tam for the vintage decorations. They remind me of  'The Christmas Tree' which was a function that was held every Christmas Eve in our small town. It was held on the local oval at night and the Church would put on a nativity scene and Father Christmas would visit and give every child a present (that their parents had provided so there was a lot of variety in the size/price range of presents, hee hee). There would always be a huge real pine Christmas tree on the oval, the biggest I had ever seen. We would all drink raspberry soft drink in glass bottles. I remember dreaming of the day I might get to be the angel next to Father Christmas as he had one on each side of him every year. Mum later told me that I was asked but I had said no which would be likely since I was so shy.
When we would get home at night we would hope that maybe the 'real' Father Christmas had already visited us because it was dark. I always wondered why Mum and Dad were so certain that he hadn't been yet. I would go to bed and hear the sleigh bells - I swear! Did anyone else use to imagine they could hear the bells? :)

 A cute little book too! There was a little 'party in a box' as well but the kids already had gotten into it. :)

There was even more in the box! Some gifts for the kids, they were so excited!

Thanks Tam for it all, so generous. xxx

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My little quilt.

Wow it's been a long time sine I was here. I have not been op shopping or to garage sales much at all which is a bit depressing. Little Miss touches can't keep her hands to herself in shops these days, I guess that's what it's like when you are two and a half. I am hanging out to get to some garage sales but the kids don't really enjoy it and Mr M is busy working on the extension. It is summer coming up though so I will have to try. No way am I missing a whole gs season! So jealous of you all and your finds. :)

Thought I would show you what I have done with some of my vintage sheets. Well...actually I can't take credit as my Mum made this. She had a small procedure and had some time to kill while recovering. In the past she has made my son, daughter and sister one so finally it was my turn. It still needs to be washed to fluff it up a bit but I love it!

I have just seen Tam's giveaway over at A Treasured Past (click here) and if I post this on my blog I get three chances to win. Couldn't go past that! I LOVE giveaways. It's a gorgeous blog too so check it out.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

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