Monday, January 21, 2013

Bunch of junk!

We decided to go for a drive a few weekends ago a bit late in the day but we did find some garage sales and junk shops. Mr M bought the radios and the phone and I bought the rest. I love the clock but unfortunately I was just about to say to Mr M should I help carry something when he DROPPED IT ON THE GROUND because he had too much in his hands at once!! AHHH! I didn't say too much because he felt pretty bad. He was going to have the glass replaced but I said it wasn't worth it and then Master M BROKE OFF THE SECOND HAND!

Does anyone know about these 'dog and bone' phones? I plugged it into our old phone connection and could hear a change in the phone (as if it was plugged in) but no dial tone. Is there a trick to it? I don't remember there being one unless it  was once set up an an extension and not a main phone as it has an extension number on the front. Would that make any difference though? It was on a phone like this that I spoke with Mr M the first time he rang me at home. Dad had it in his old workshop across from our house. It is where you would go if you wanted a bit of privacy as we didn't have a cordless phone back in ye ole 1995.

The doll is German and I am researching it as it will be a seller. He is such a little cutie.
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