Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainy day.

The weekend just gone marked Mr M's and my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Unlike last year we had a quiet day and didn't organise anything in particular. Our Anniversary fell on a Saturday this year (the same day we were married) and the weather was almost exactly the same as the big day 11 years ago.

This is what Mr M did on our Anniversary. Made this...

look like this:

Today I spent some time drilling holes into the concrete (Little Miss in bed), and I tell you it is so much more rewarding than housework. On the other hand I don't usually feel like this at night from housework...ouch!!

Anyway, getting back to Saturday. I though I might as well take Little Miss out treasure hunting because I can't really help Mr M when she is awake. I decided to go to a boot sale at a Church in a nearby town. This boot sale was advertised in the local paper. I was hoping for an oval full of cars... but there was only FOUR cars!!! Hmm, luckily the Church next to it was holding a sale too. They were selling off the old Sunday School chairs. I thought the metal ones below would be perfect for the cubby house that Mr M will finish one day (he just has so much to do but it's nearly done). He thinks the cubby should be mostly water tight so they should be safe in there. When I saw them I knew I had to grab some. I would have loved to buy all of them but I only bought four. $5 each.

 I also bought two of the wooden ones below (I would have liked to buy all of them also). Apparently the oldest Church members remember sitting in these chairs at Sunday School when they were kids. Most of them have repairs and they are so well loved as you can see. I love that they have this history.

How cute are the little worn feet rests. I wonder how many times these chairs were painted and how many children have sat in them. The one on the left has been repaired like almost all of the others they had there. The yellow one was the only one that did not have the side supports replaced or moved to a diagonal angle.

Next I found a Lions shed that I hadn't been to before. When I walked in and saw that nothing had a price I took it as a good sign. I had my eye on a retro sideboard in perfect nick that they wanted only $30 for! It stayed there though as we really need to de-clutter not clutter.

Speaking of cluttering I picked up the blue pie plate below in the city and it cost more than the yellow combined with a small mixing bowl and two Pyrex lids at the Lions shed. Love places like this.

One marked pie dish marked Agee Pyrex and the other Crown.

And this little cutie:

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Enjoy your week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not so thrifty.

Hi All! Well I haven't posted much lately as I have had little luck with thrifting. I think the only things I have picked up have been the rocking horse below and some retro buttons. I actually worked on a Saturday and was so excited thinking I would get up early and go to some garage sales on the way (sans kids). Can you believe there was only one garage sale to be found! Hang on there was one late in the day on the way home from work also.  I  picked up some star droppers for Mr M from that one (so unfortunately nothing exciting). The man holding the garage sale actually delivered them for us which was really good of him. He followed me home, but unfortunately I got my head turned and we end up in the next town via back roads. I had to jump out of the car at an intersection and talk to him quickly while being tooted at by the car behind him as I didn't know where to go! I have a terrible sense of direction and often get my head turned, it's a bit of a worry really! I know I was a shade of red, so embarrassing.

Sorry terrible photo, I just took it this evening so had to use a flash. Man that floor has seen better days, all the Gyprock dust (plasterboard) from the extension is a pain in the butt to keep out of the old bit of the house, especially here where the two join. He is a really cute horse though and makes neighing and galloping sounds while his mouth moves. It is a bit strange that it moves with the galloping sounds but anyway...I can forgive him for that.

  Kylie from lucy violet vintage  sent me a parcel in the post last week which included a Holly Hobbie quilt cover and pillow case. Kylie is so sweet she even washed and ironed them freshly for me. Little Miss is sleeping with the quilt cover on as we speak.

So cute when they are asleep.

Don't you love the Hobbytex she put in with the parcel. I remember my Mum and Auntie going to lessons when we were kids (in the 80s). 

Thank you Kylie, you really are very generous. I am keeping my eyes open for something special for you. :)

Well, that's it for thifting. How sad is that and it's not through lack of trying! Maybe this week will bring some interesting finds, fingers crossed!!

The week (or two, or is it three?) that was:

Not a lot going on here at the moment. We didn't seem to be getting anywhere on the extension so I had to be a nagging wife. Well not really. I just had to say 'lets work out what we (meaning you dear husband) are going to start with next weekend' and we can put a plan into action. Guess what! We have action. The battens for the floor boards are going in and hopefully with an RDO this Friday and nothing on this weekend we should see some progress. It's a shame we didn't take into consideration the door heights when building (made them a little taller) but Mr M didn't want to do floor boards at that stage but later changed his mind. Hmm, oh well should be OK.

I would really love to be helping him but alas I am stuck with keeping Fingers McGee (little Miss) occupied. Hee hee, sounds like an excuse but really I do love to get stuck into some physical work, makes me feel like I am really alive! Might have to get some babysitters so I can help.

In other news...our little Koala friend is back again! We missed you!!

Of course I have to chuck in a kid pic!

My Melbourne shopping fund raising is slow but steady, not sure if I will reach my goal but I will give it a good go. June is coming around faster than I thought!

Hope you all have a great weeK!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holiday mix.

I have been one slack blogger the last few weeks but I have been wanting to get here, honest I have. I do have some finds for you. They were all found on the Yorke Peninsula last weekend where we travelled for a short break. I am a bit behind on all of your blogs but I am getting a chance to pop in now and again and check them out and hoping to catch up properly soon. I have really missed catching up on the lastest finds and happenings.

Apart from what I have below, I bought a few vintage dresses and a skirt. One of these days I might even join you Frock on a Friday girls - maybe!!

Tooled leather handbag in excellent condition.

Vintage, black and white and good nick all over!

 Vintage aprons, $1.50 each. The closest one is my favourite by far. The one in the middle has a tear which I didn't notice in the shop. Don't you hate that!!

 This Pyrex pie dish was more than I would normally pay ($6) but it was in such great condition and the colour is so bright and cheery I just couldn't leave it there.

These shoes are all new, the prices ranged from  60c to $1.50 (the pink ones were $6). The sock reef shoe things were perfect at the beach as it was what Master M calls 'a rock beach'. Rock beaches are his favourite as he enjoys catapulting rocks into the sea and looking for crabs. Little Miss was getting rub marks on her feet from her thongs (flip flops), so these were perfect.

Terrible photo (it was getting dark) but two of the three dresses I picked up for Little Miss, $3 and $1.50. I also picked up a red dress with tags still on for $1.50 but it may clash with her red hair!

Why is blogger turning my pics sideways? Grr. Anyway, I picked up this vintage sheet set and

this curtain and

a set of Holly Hobby sheets. I recently sold a Holly sheet that I had considered hanging onto (I was very proud of myself for parting with it). This one pictured is going to be harder to  give up as I had this set as a child so they have sentimental value (I wuv them). I think I need to watch another episode of 'Hoarders' for therapy, that always makes me want to have a big clean out. :) Oh that and I am saving for the Melbourne shopping trip and I need more money than I thought I would. I was aiming for $600 but I forgot all about the airfare and hotel room. Eeek!

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The holiday that was:

Dad and his little girl.

Master M.

Beautiful sunsets everynight, sigh. Wish I was sitting there with a drink right now...

The first day of holidays was perfect. We walked and biked it to the shop for an ice cream, we went swimming, Mr M and Master M went fishing while Little Miss was sleeping and I went for a beautiful long walk on dusk. The second day it was 37 degrees so we decided we would go for a drive to the nearby towns (once it was too hot for the beach). I did visit some op shops that day (evidence above). The next day it was 39 degrees so after a morning paddle and treasure hut among the rocks it was time to hide away in our cabin. Was a bit of a shame but nice to spend some time together. Master M calls the cabin 'her house' and we have no idea why. He named it that last time we stayed, he was two years old at the time and never forgot about it (I was pregnant with Little Miss at the time). That night we went to the local pub for dinner and unfortunately a few hours later I became sick and that was it fo me for the rest of the trip. Doh! Still Mr M got some more fishing in and took the kids to the beach. Some great memories were made.

Have a great weekend!
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