Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ducks, cake and rabbits on Mother's Day


 Some cute art work from my kidlets.

Here are some of my recent finds.

I was excited to see this is the plastics sections of the op shop for $2.50!! This was in the op shop that I NEVER find anything. On the same visit I found a cute casual dress that has now become one of my favourites.

There were quite a few of these to choose from. At $5 a piece I couldn't resist. Will put one of them in my daughters room (with a new seat cover of course). Check out the timber floor, we are finally getting somewhere with our extension and getting the the fun parts like furniture and eventually kitchen/bathroom.

My friend and I went for a drive to the other side of Adelaide to look at a couch for her and pick up something for me. Was fun to drive around kid free like in the old days. We even stopped at a couple of garage sales where I picked up these duck measuring cups.

 Cute vintage fabric hats that someone has recently put some ties on.

Brand new plastic tea cups/saucers for the caravan.


A few months back we were given two male rabbits by one of Mr M's work mates. He insisted they were males...

One evening Mr M comes in to tell me there is an extra rabbit in the aviary and it must have been hiding underneath the hutch for a while. Hmm, so not males then. A few days later he makes another discovery...tiny baby rabbits. Oh dear! Not really part of the plan. Eeek! The kids love them but hopefully we can find them a home when they are ready.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I always enjoy checking out your recent finds - you always get good ones too! Cake tin and chairs are winners. Hope the baby bunnies all go to a good home. : )

  2. Same thing happened to our so called male baby guinea pig, we woke up one morning after only having him for a week or so, to find three little pink extras in the hutch beside him (I mean her!) No wonder he/she was a freebie!
    I love your kiddos drawings and your cake tin (just goes to show never say never!). I always wanted a stool like those for my dressing table when I was a kid, how's the caravan going btw? Taken it on any adventure's yet?

    1. Hi Kylie, Ha ha, you think only having one guinea pig you would be safe! We are fixing up the caravan inbetween doing the extension. We bought a second hand annexe for it last weekend. Hoping it won't be too long until we go away. The hubby has ripped out the old vinyl floor (the really old one was still underneath it and is much cooler but too old). I think I will take it upon myself to get some new stuff as he never has time.

    2. Please keep us posted when you go off (just like the Famous Five!) on your adventures.

  3. So good to see you again! Great to hear about progress on your place, do we get to see some pics? Your kids are so lucky, we can't have rabbits here in Queensland as pet as it is illegal, mine gang would be so jealous. mel x

    1. Hey Mel! Pics soon! We don't have much furniture at the moment but we living out here now. Nice to have some space!x

  4. Forgot to say I have those same duck cups. mel x


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