Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well hello my pretty...

{That lamp shade needs straightening!}

Yesterday we needed to pick up some old red bricks from my SIL’s house, so being Saturday (or Saturdee as my Grandparents would have said) my husband was nice enough to stop at some garage sales along the way there. I probably visited about five or six houses, but as it was after 9:00am pretty much all the serious garage salers had come and gone and taken their loot with them. You never know though, at times things are missed. 

One particular sale, the first thing I spotted was an orange retro mushroom shaped, 70’s Paton style lamp (pictured). Getting a bit excited I approached it hoping that it hadn’t been set aside for someone else. Seems it was still for sale so I asked the owner to put it aside for me. A minute later I saw it in another buyer's hands! ‘Um, excuse me, I have already bought that’ (not entirely true but I had already told her I would take it). I then saw the same man pick up a vintage set of Persinware red scales with the original bowl for the top. Oh no! How did I miss that one? They would have been a keeper for sure and I had looked in the box he had found them in! Oh well, them’s the breaks. He offered to swap it for the lamp. Hmm, I love old scales but this lamp is just such a find so I politely declined.

{Burnt orange plastic fantastic}                               {Love this shade of green}

At the same sale I picked up the two sets of salad servers. The green ones are Australian made ‘Bexyl’ brand, made with ‘British Xylonite’.  I am finding it difficult to get a date on these (perhaps Art Deco). The burnt orange ones I am thinking 60’s but will need to do some more research on them also. Funky!

When I got back to the car my husband told me that they had a lamp exactly the same when he was a kid. It was his sister’s night light and it used to be bombarded by pillows if it was left on too long.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day at the Port

20c for a weigh in.

Light House Port Adelaide

American (likely) amber 1930's pressed glass dolphin footed bowl.

Off to the South Australian Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide yesterday. Port Adelaide was once a bustling commercial and shopping suburb. It is a wonderfully historic place with and abundance of beautiful old stone buildings. It really is a shame that it is no longer what it once was. One of the pubs has a sign celebrating 150 years in 1999 but the windows are now boarded up. So sad. A lot of the shops are empty but I did notice that the two pubs closer to the wharf  have been given a face lift and much more inviting. We ate at the Lighthouse Inn. I remember when my parents went inside there years ago to see if it was suitable for kids - we ended up going to KFC... Now it is looking great. We had pizza and stuffed ourselves silly.

Over the last 15 years I have been expecting ‘The Port’ to become a tourist hub and a popular area to live again but it still has not happened. There are beginnings of it though. It is such a beautiful area (if you ignore the industrial side). Presently the old buildings seem to be wasted but at least they are still there to admire.

The Museum was fascinating. They have a Pirate play area for the kids (which I think maybe just for school holidays) that my son did not want to leave.  Apart from that there were a lot of things for kids to do in the main museum. I really enjoyed viewing the salvaged items from ship wrecks and the stories from those times gone by. It was sad to read the list of deaths on voyage on one of the ships in 1866. Mostly children who had passed away from things like diarrhoea and dysentery, also newborn infants. It made us so grateful for our modern lives.  

Our next stop was a climb up the Lighthouse.  It was quite muggy and claustrophobic but we managed to make it to the top. Was very proud of my unadventurous 3 year old. Great view of Port Adelaide from the top.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Laratinga Wet Lands Mount Barker
Feeding the ducks at the wet lands after a 3km walk with the pram and pram skate board.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Damn you Michael Crawford!

Yesterday a day at my SIL’s which is fantastic as she has three boys to keep my one boy entertained. We all trundled off to the bakery and sat at a park for lunch. The kids had a quick play on the play ground and off home we went. I was thinking about this blog and suggested we go to the op shop around the corner. The kids wanted to keep riding their bikes so off we went. My SIL goes there a fair bit and is a bit of an op shopper herself.

On Sunday while we were at the market looking at the books my MIL asked that I keep an eye out for a book for her (Michael Crawford Autobiography). She has the book in paper back but wants a hard copy. Since her birthday is next week, I found one on eBay and after checking that I could not get a new one (way out of print) bought it (made sure it could be posted ASAP). Guess what I found at the op shop for a quarter of the price yesterday? I bought that one also and my SIL was shocked as she has been looking for it for a year with no luck.  Weird. Kicking myself I bought the first one but what a funny coincidence. Just goes to show that you never know what you will find.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Granny and Poppa.

Stirling Markets every 4th Saturday

Had an enjoyable day today. The kid’s Granny and Poppa (my In-laws) came for a surprise visit (they did call in advance thank goodness – messy house). My MIL said not to rush around cleaning (hmm, I think they know me too well).  We decided to head off to one of the local markets in the Adelaide Hills (Stirling). Stirling is normally a couple of degrees cooler than where we live and under the beautiful big trees it was quite pleasant. My husband and his Dad did a bit of wine tasting while his mum and I checked out the stalls. I find that the quality of the stalls here are one of the best in the hills. They are full of quality hand made products and art. Lots of unique one off things to see. I spied some gorgeous red glass beads but held myself back. My son was very happy with his lucky dip and gingerbread man. We had a sausage sizzle for lunch and a nice chat with some locals we ran into. Great day overall.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some spare time to visit the op shops!

Green mottled HECLA electric jug with bakelite lid cira 1950's
Starting this Blog has given me incentive to have a look around the op shops. One sleeping baby and one sitting on the front of the pram and some time before I met my mum and sister so browsed two of the local oppies. Not much around. I find that op shop finds are rare and if they do have anything that may be worth something it is way over priced. My Sister in Law told me she found some vintage glass mixing bowls the other day in pints for $25. Right up my ally for me to use for my baking. Wish I had been there! Doh!  I did see Sylvac small basket (mint) for a small price but it is one of those things that I don't really see the beauty in. Some of the Sylvac I really love (like that gorgeous sugar cannister that I sold and shouldn't have) but not this one. I read that there is a garage sale locally tomorrow with 'excellent quality collectables and antiques'. Sounds right up my ally. Hopefully it is not someone I embarrasing. Lol. My little 'I love garage sale secret'.
Here is a pic of my favourite electric jug...well I only have two but anyway...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first post!

I started collecting vintage and retro items about six years ago. Much to my dismay I have discovered you cannot keep everything. This is due to the fact that we are still cleaning out my dads shed 10 years after his passing and his collection filled a large paddock when it came time to auction his things! A lot of my finds I sell on, but do keep things that I fall in love with.

I am fond of  kitchenalia which is interesting as I am severely domestically challenged. I seem to have a small collection growing of canisters, Depression glass and kitchen scales. However I buy pretty much anything that is old and interesting (and of course as long as it is a bargain!).

I have started this Blog as I love to talk about my finds but I tend to see friends and families eyes glazing over as I try and discuss what I discovered on the weekend. As for playing my Grandfather's favourite game 'how much do you think I got this for?', they really are spoil sports. They just don’t seem to understand. Crazy people.

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