Monday, April 9, 2012

You can't beat a good garage sale!

I had the BEST thrifting weekend last weekend!! All on my own and off to the garage sales. The most finds were from a local town with fifteen households worth of 'junk' all lined up on the towns sporting oval! Yee ha! I found some new with tags clothes for Little Miss and other new brand name baby clothes to sell to go towards my Melbourne trip but also some fabulous things below.

Here are my finds:

Arabia of Finland Sunflower plate 1960s.

A bright orange retro vase. I love to have a few different vases in the cupboard.

This beautiful faced doll that I am still researching - stamped SFBJ 241 Paris. I am wondering if it's possible that she has human hair as it feels like it...which would be a tad creepy...eeek!  She has some broken fingers that I didn't notice before (but didn't really look either), I hope I didn't dothat to her.

Ain't she sweet.

Funky retro jar. Always handy.

Art Deco 'Baroness' bedside (?possibly Bakelite) lamp that seriously needs dusting.  This would be great in a colour but the ones I have seen on eBay are the same as this. Works well.

Something else that needs a good clean but another useful retro item.

I can't read the markings on the bottom of this bowl, still researching this one as well.

Some Villeroy and Boch 'Botanica' modern bit bits to sell (I hope).

Large pink Depression glass bowl for $1!!

The week that was:

One of the great things about Mr M's new job is the social club family outings. For example, the Christmas and Easter Shows.  The kids had a ball at their first Easter do.

What am I going to do when all the chocolate runs out? I am addicted!! I just did 6km on the treadmill just to get off and eat two Easter eggs!


Last change to get some sun and surf before the warm weather leaves us. 

I finally crossed something off the my Bucket List (well the list is in rough draft in my head) and that was jetty jumping. I was later told that it is very dangerous but we did it in deep water and hey it's only the once (x3). The big pic is my little sister and I am in the bottom right hand corner. You can see she got the lovely tan (natural) and I got the pale skin. I wasn't planning on swimming or I would have given myself a fake tan at least! My M calls me a 'fluro tube'. Nice. Hee hee. My Mum helped to babysit so made me feel a little guilty that Mr M was at work...but that didn't last long! I have a sick little girl this week so I wish I WAS going to work tomorrow (I only work two days a week). Oops, I just noticed I have two pics the same in that collage below...ah, too lazy (it's late) to fix it sorry so please ignore.

In other news, Mr M's sister had a little girl on Thursday night. So exciting!! We still have not met her due to Little Miss being sick, not FAIR!! There are nine cousins on that side now with three girls being born in a row and only one more needed to catch up to the boys.


Little Miss brought home her first craft from Day Care the other day and I just adore it.  She has amazing handwriting for a 21 month old don't you think?! Lol.

Hope you had a fantastic Easter! 

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