Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saved the cutest for last.

Hey all! Wasn't feeling the blogging vibe last week but have had a few finds to share from the last two weeks.

The other day I took an unwanted painting from our office to our on site op shop, the volunteer managed to take out some breakables with the back end of it when he did a quick turn. Whoops! Lucky it was just some ugly hand made cherubs, but I did feel sorry for him (he felt terrible).  The painting sold while I was there, I am guessing to a volunteer. I rarely find anything at this oppie but I picked up a brand new Tupperware Happy Chopper for $2, still with some cardboard on the blades!!  I also bought a couple of Pyrex lids for 25c each, a milk glass plate for $1 (which I blame on Zara from Zaranne Handmade as I loved this post  and the pic of the milk glass with the red).  I bought the blue and white sheet in the photo recently but not here.

The week before my sister and I went down south to visit our cousin last Sunday. We popped into Savers on the way (we were excited that it was open on a Sunday).

Again the prices were a bit high but I did buy a couple of things that I looove...

This brilliant green Pyrex is gorgeous don't you think, and the gold is in fantastic condition which you rarely see.

Kingsley Ware barrel, I am a sucker for this colour.

Fire truck red cake container $4
Pretty vintage sheet.

More Pyrex. $2 for the snowflakes and $3 for the mixing bowl. Oh, actually these were from a local Salvos.

I saved the cutest for last!  Found this at Red Cross, I nearly didn't walk there because I was pushing Little Miss's patience (this was the third op shop). It did mean I ended up carrying her back to the car and pushing the pram at the same time but it was worth it.  Love it!

I thought you might be interested seeing some of the things I have sold lately (the cat wall hanging is currently selling on eBay). I have been slack again this week but hope to list some things very soon.

The week that was (well the two weeks that were):
Master M is turning 5 this week. He wanted to go bowling for his birthday so we took his cousins along. I tell you, I am not cut out for childcare (my sister is an early childhood teacher but I didn't get that gene). It was a bit nuts but we all had a good time. The best bit was being able to leave the mess behind!
I love to bake but am not an arty person (didn't get that gene either). These cakes are as good as it gets but I think they are kinda cute.

I think Master M was happy enough with them.

Little Miss too, not that you can tell from the look on her face but what else is on her face (and all over her clothes) gives it away! It's funny, they say that what you eat when you are pregnant can determine what taste in food your children have. I am guessing that's why both of mine have a sweet tooth.

Just quickly, is anybody interested in a 'dining sweat and chairs' for $250? There is one selling in an op shop near my work. Hee hee.

Boogie on!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

More finds here than I thought I had!

I have been waiting for a particular Lions Club op shed to re-open as it has been closed since Christmas. My Sister-in-law told me it had HEAPS of stock this time last year on it's first day back. Expectations were high. My sister and I got up early and got to the shed on opening (which was amazing since it was rush hour traffic and took a ridiculous amount of time to get there). I had the squids with me so I had the pram. I tried to keep it out of the way of the bargain hunters but I got so many dirty looks anyway (sad face). Made me wish I wasn't a nice person because then I could just bowl them over! I must say though that before I was a mum prams used to frustrate me - lol. Thrifters had jumped on all the best stuff by the time I had navigated the first aisle. Isn't it frustrating when you see really cool stuff out of the door! It was fun anyway and at least most of my money stayed in my pocket! Here is what I bought.

Excuse this pic, I forgot I had bought this so I have only just taken a pic and needed a flash. I said in another post 'what is it with me and chairs' well I am also wondering 'what is it with me and foot stools'. I now have a pouffe, this stool and another that I picked up late last year that I have not posted here yet. This was $6.

The top plate is a Johnson Bros and the bottom Royal Staffordshire, pretty don't you think? Only a dollar or so each. Not sure what is going on my my pics turning themselves sideways!

Loving these two finds. Sheffield Pearlcraft bread knife and glass jug for $5 all up.

I think the jug deserves a photo on it's own. Love the pattern.

I found these lids for my Pyrex for $1 each.

$2 for this bright Agee Pyrex.

Westminster Australia $1 .

Other finds this week from the Salvos (a bit over priced).

Alfred Meakin bowl. Gorgeous but more than I should have paid (there was just something about it that made me do it).

I have said in the past that I am not a fan of milk glass but I really like this shape ($2).

This looks like Pyrex but is not marked on the bottom. Has anyone seen this pattern before?

The week that was:

For the last week and a half I have listed on eBay which I haven't done for a while. I did quite well on a couple of things so my Melbourne shopping trip goal is getting closer. I won't be getting any op shopping done in Melbourne which is a pity but is probably for the best! Just waiting on confirmation of dates now, getting excited...

Linking in with Her Library Adventures. Have a fantastic week.

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