Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Bloggers!

My first year of blogging is coming to a close (I can't believe it has been a year already!). I don't think I will be back here posting until after Santa comes so I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


I have really enjoyed reading  your blogs this year, learning about you all and your life and interests. When I first started blogging I was amazed at the world that opened up to me - I never knew all this existed! It has been great having other vintage/retro lovers to show off my finds to. Nobody in my 'real life' really understands what I see in my old 'junk'. This was the main reason I started my blog, so that I could share with others who have the same passion for vintage as I do.  I have learnt a lot from you all and enjoyed ogling your vintage eye candy ('vintage eye candy' a description I have learnt from here - love it)

Just a couple of pics to leave you with. First is Little Miss from last year. Love this pic. We should try this photo again this Christmas, but she maybe a little tall now. She wasn't so sure about it all ( you can probably see from her expression) and did get a bit scared in the end - bad Mummy and Daddy - lol. I can't believe she was only six months old last Christmas.

 Master M and I made this Christmas tree this afternoon as his Auntie and Nana love gingerbread and they will be here Christmas night. Not sure about the wonky star on the top but we had fun making it and that's the main thing.

Best wishes for Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day!
Sherry :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bright yellow bliss!

Last Friday I noticed a Garage Sale sign while I was driving to a friends house. Naturally we had a quick diversion in our travels to have a squiz. Was a little disappointed when we got there as I had been to the same sale a couple of times before. This time however the lovely old lady running the sale had another area of her shed opened up. She told me this was her 8th and final sale (she still has a shed full of stuff). I could have bought more but I am not really selling at the moment so held back. Also I have been watching a friends downloads of 'Hoarders' which is therapy for me  - lol. I did buy some old medical books that I will photograph later.  In a dim dark corner I opened a typewriter case and found...

my thrifty find of the month!

Master M: What is it?
Me: It's a type writer, we used to use it to type letters on before we had computers.
Master M: Is it a computer?
Me: No before we had computers we used a typewriter to type letters.
Master M: Oh. Look Mum it is getting stuck.
Me: Yes, you can only press one letter at a time.
Master M: Oh. What does this say 'kjfjiueoonuug'.
Me: 'kjfjiueoonuug'
Master M: Ha ha ha. What does this say 'ipopikl'
Me:  'ipopikl'
Master M: Ha ha ha. Mum what does...

Hmm, this old thing might be a bit educational, I think that justifies going back and getting the old Olivetti one I also saw stashed in the old lady's shed. Yeah!

Linking for Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures.

I seem to be  getting into a bit of a habit lately on my way to work. There is an op shop that I have been popping into now and again. Well actually probably once a week (I only work two days a week). I picked up a few things last week that I will have to post here soon. One thing I have actually photographed is this Snowflake dish ($6). One lady picked up a SylvaC green bunny figurine for $5 that was ready to go out on the shelf. She beat my by about 10 seconds the lucky lady!

I received a parcel in the mail this week from Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage who was giving away these vintage Adelaide souvenirs. Look how they came to me, all wrapped up in a vintage 1979 tea towel. I think this is pretty cool as I only have one other vintage tea towel I have is one that was left at my house that nobody is owning up to. I am pretty sure it's my Mums but she swears it's not. Her loss!

Thanks Kylie!

In other news...I stuck my head out of our extension door the other day to show the electricians where the other entrance is. About a two metres behind them was this little fluff ball sitting in the tree. 'Hey, look behind you'! The electricians were so excited and were like tourists snapping pics with their phones. The koala got a little huffy and climbed up the tree however I found him sitting in the same spot later in the day. This is the closest I have ever seen him. He is posing for me in this picture.

Lets give him a little bit of Christmas spirit!

Hee hee, sorry, couldn't help myself!

I haven't seen him for a while which is fine as he had been keeping me awake at night. I never knew koalas are so noisy!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fairy tales, gnomes and memories.

My sister and cousin (and her children) joined myself and my children on a little adventure yesterday morning. I present Fairyland Village in Lobethal, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I came here for my 7th birthday and remember the day clearly. I felt very special because my Mum had organised this lovely day out for my friends and I. I never knew such a place existed. In fact a lot of people even in the Hills don't know that it is here. The village is older than I am, it opened in 1973. Apparently the family that opened it based it on theme parks they had visited in Europe. Each hut has a fairy tale theme and with the push of a button you are told the story of what is behind the glass and the characters come to life with movement. Visiting as an adult, the thing I noticed is that it is not commercialised or polished - and I love that about it. The play ground is straight out of my childhood, not like the safety first play grounds these days. I'm not saying this one isn't safe but it actually has see saws (teeter-totters), which you never see anymore.  I got a pleasant surprise when I realised that the cottages are filled with antiques and collectibles. The children took a quick look in each cottage window and then ran to the next one (17 of them), but I wanted to take in all the vintage goodness at a slower pace. Gorgeous antique furniture, lead light, china and even the mannequins (characters) are vintage. Sigh...

Can you tell that the original owners were from Germany?

Pinocchio's cottage.

Some of the playground...

I must admit that the adults had a bit of a play as well. Not too long on the spinners though as the kids had tougher stomachs for that. The ride below is one of the smaller ones but they do have a another that was bigger that seats four and looks a little like a merry-go-round which was pretty cool (carousel).

This horse fits two adults and two kids quite easily (we tried and have photographic evidence - lol). Just watch out if you are a child sitting behind an older child as you may face plant into their back, and squash your nose. Ouch!

My sister couldn't understand why I loved the chairs above, but I am sure if you read my blog for the vintage I am sure YOU will understand why. :)

From the front.

And from the back - love the bright colours.

Lots of little details that make the village special.

Old Mother Hubbard.

Sleeping Beauty.


A girl who has an uncanny resemblance to one of my gorgeous cousins, so much that I forgot to check who she actually is.

Three of The Seven Dwarfs. Love the pressed tin in the back ground.

The paths are rough and the glass is wild, not manicured so it feels like you are in a magical forest...but I would be careful of snakes in summer - eek.

Little Red Riding Hood.

Goldilocks, (I think).

Three little pigs brick house (?).

Another little treasure.

Snow White in her crystal coffin gave us the chills. 

Lots of helpful gnomes to guide the way.

Some of the cards from Alice in Wonderland.

Almost there!

 I had to take a pic of this cute family who are lucky last!

Worth taking a look if you are passing by!

Sherry :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One squid, one chair, Pyrex and a bit of Christmas.

Only one squid (kid) with me on Tuesday, what to do? Don't want to spend too much money (the extension is taking all that). Bit of op shopping? Why of course, good guess!

One of the first things I saw in Salvos was an unusual shaped pink Depression glass bowl. I am in love...buuut it is priced at $35, so unfortunately won't be coming home with me.   I did pick up something else for $35 which should get a lot more use than the over priced bowl  (well after it's make over).

Ta da!

There were two of these for sale but I only need one. I have no idea how much it will cost to have it recovered but I think it still should be cheaper than what I see chairs like this go for new (and of course new is just not the same is it). I have no idea on fabric, does anyone have any clever ideas?

I had told myself no more Pyrex...


but that didn't last long. They were $4 each and in great condition.

Linking my thrifty finds with Her Library Adventures.

On Sunday Mr M got stuck into some trenching for storm water (we are only rain water only). My cousin and I decided to take the kids to one of the local town's Christmas Pageants.  You have to love these parades, they have loads small town charm. The clowns handed out chalk for the kids to colour the road before the pageant started which kept them occupied. Master M has a funny aversion to balloons, he likes them but hates that they pop and make a loud noise. He spent the time with ear plugs in. I am really hoping he grows out of it as it makes birthday parties difficult as you can imagine - hmmm. Saw a couple of my friends making an appearance in the parade with their children. About 80% of the parade is kindy and school children dressed up and the odd float here and there. This parade is very typical of what you can expect in the hills, very sweet in a really dorky kind of way.

Red head by me, dress by Handmade by Whint

 Have you seen this gorgeous giveaway?   I get an extra two entries for letting you all know about it.  Go ahead and enter and mention it in your blog for another two chances to win! These dresses and shoes are just gorgeous so go over and check it out at Naughty Shorts.

Sherry :)

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