Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nally Ware

I love canisters but unfortunately I can't justify buying any more sets. I picked up these Nally Ware (1950's I think) blue and white set at a great second hand store in a local town. They were a great price but because I was so in love I didn't realise until I got home that there are supposed to be five of them. Note to self: try and keep head on straight when you see a bargain. Most likely I would have bought them anyway (that's what I tell myself). They are made of  Bakelite. I had been pronouncing Bakelite incorrectly for a couple of years (how embarrassing). I was saying bake - lite, instead of  bake - ka - lite. Luckily the lovely lady I bought these from corrected me.  I have performed the rub test on them (rubbed a spot on the canister until it warms up causing a strong odour) and it worked. Wow, stinky. Click Here

The other canisters and the tin with the tulip are past sales. Funky
Shabby Chic at its best!


  1. Cool Canisters! ok the set of 4 whats missing if there is meant to be a 5th?

  2. Sugar is missing between the flour and Rice. Doh!

  3. Hi
    A new follower popping in from AMB to check out your blog
    Love it! Looking forward to a great read!


  4. Oh man, I love canisters! I am looking for something large for my dog food right now. I just don't want writing on them. I wish my local op shops had as much cool stuff as you find.

  5. I would never have noticed the missing cannister if you hadn't pointed it out!
    Wonder where it could be?

  6. those grey cannisters are breath-taking!!! Love your collection & welcome to the pyrex collective II. I look forward to browsing your blog often!


  7. I am a relative new comer to Nally Ware, I stumbled upon a lonely biscuit container at my local op shop recently (hello $2!) and have been in love ever since. Thanks for a great read!

    Kel x


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