Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avalon Collectables

Hey all! I have been doing some serious op shopping and also went to a huge garage sale in the last week. So excited to show you all what I picked up. There is stuff all over the place right now but will get some photos for you as soon as I can.

I have a new lap top and I am telling you it is sooo fantastic to have a computer that is not at deaths door. My desk top is nearly seven years old - yes SEVEN!! Ancient! I do feel a little sad though, it has been good to us over the years. I am such a sook, I can get attached to anything. No wonder I can't throw anything out! Now I just have to up my data allowance and I won't know myself (hopefully start some selling again too). One happy mummy sitting on the couch with my legs over this side and a pc on my lap! Lol. Bliss! All I need now is a mug of green tea and some chocolate.
When I picked my gorgeous shop scales (featured in the last post) also I visited this lovely shop in Woodside, South Australia. Although I am more of a thrifter and garage saler I still love to look in antique shops (and sometimes buy).  This shop had a warm inviting feeling when I walked in which prompted me to take some pics for you all.

Avalon Collectables

Such a sweet little shop.

Feeling the retro vibe with this funky red table and chairs. Stunning condition, if only I had somewhere to put them...

I want that pink cake box REALLY bad!

I took a pic of these because I have really good memories of being in the country visiting family as a child. There was a neighbourhood girl who was older than my brother and I  but who wasn't too cool to play with us - she had this game. We had such a fantastic summer holiday that year. It's one of those feel good childhood memories.

I like clocks...not all clocks...but I do like this clock. :)

Just because it looks pretty.

Love this set. Not too frilly.

Lovely green. Just noticed the two kissy couple on the bench - aww.

Will shut up now and just let you look at the pics.

Avalon Colletables
54 Onkaparinga Valley Road
Woodside, South Australia

Monday, September 12, 2011

Vintage Shop Keeper

Hey all! Hope you are having a great day. Last Friday Mr M had a RDO and gave me an hour or so to myself without the kids. I took off to Balhannah, Oakbank and Woodside (South Australia). Some fantastic retro/vintage/junk shops to see.

I spotted these gorgeous scales (I have a 'thing' for scales) at 'The Boys From The Bush' in Woodside.  Had a sneaky at the price thinking that they would be over the top and out of my budget, but actually got a nice surprise. Since my Birthday is coming up... I just couldn't leave them there could I!!

The glass on them is missing and they are full of dust on the inside but nothing that Mr M's little air compressor can't fix. Maybe one day I will get the glass sorted too.

They are just gorgeous don't you think? Come on, tell me how much you love 'em!

Sherry :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nom, Nom Weet-Bix Cake

I finally used my new Pyrex mixing bowls (and loved it). This was one of my Nana's recipes but I am not sure where is originally came from (if anyone knows drop me a line and I will give them credit). This one would be for the Aussies because I am unsure if you can buy Sanitarium Weet-Bix overseas. Note Weet-bix is different to Weetabix in the UK (so I have been told).

Weet-Bix Cake

Pre-heat oven to 180c.

Chuck all of this into a bowl and mix:

5 Weet-Bix or 2.5oz of the left over crumbs in the bottom of your box (my cousin saves the crumbs for this cake).
1 tbsp Cocoa
1/2 tsp Vanilla
4oz melted butter or margarine
1 cup Self Raising Flour
1 cup Coconut
1 cup Raw Sugar
1 Egg

Look a double yoker!! I recently had a whole carton of these!

Press into a shallow dish or tin. The one I used was 17cm x 27cm but I have used two small ones 19x12cm so something around this size would be fine. Put into oven for 15-20 minutes. It will go lightly brown on the edges (if it hasn't give it a little longer).

My Dad loved this cake with my Nana's marshmallow recipe (below) as a topping, but it's quicker and easier to  use icing. I normally just chuck cocoa, icing sugar (sifted) and water into a bowl and hope for the best however I measured last time I did it and this is about the amount you will need (once cooled of course).

1.5 cups Icing Sugar
2tbs Cocoa
4 tbs Water

Poor icing over cake (which is really a slice) while still in tin/dish. Once icing slightly set sprinkle on some coconut.

For something different you could make peppermint icing for the bottom layer and once set add the chocolate icing on the top.

Nana's Marshmallow

4 tsp Gelatine
1/2 cup Hot Water
1/2 cup Cold Water
1/2 cup Castor Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
Pink colouring if desired

Place sugar and cold water into a large bowl and using an electric beater whip gt 3-4 minutes. Dissolve gelatine in the hot water and while still hot add to the sugar mixture. Beat until thick and while. Add vanilla and a couple of drops of pink food colouring if desired.

I used to make this for my family as a kid, it would be gone by the end of the day. I took some to work today and it was a hit (anything sweet at work is a hit though - lol). However it did even better than the packet of Tim-Tams I also took along.

Also made some Pumpkin Scones with help from Master M. He is not a big veggie eater but enjoys these and even eats the raw batter (which I am more than happy he does - sucker!).


Sherry :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet Garry

Meet the newest member of our family.  She was orphaned from one of the ewes we have on 'The Farm' which is a little bit of land that is left from my Great Grandparents property. She is settling in and becoming less timid all the time. Mr M breeds Wiltipoll sheep (wool shedding sheep) as a bit of a hobby, he only started a few years ago but his little flock is growing. We had to rescue this one from the creek but unfortunately her mum decided that she no longer smelt like her baby after her dip (well I am guessing that is what happened as she didn't want the lamb near her).

Master M enjoys feeding her and Little Miss thinks she is hilarious. Mr M wants to call her Garry (!). Where Mr M used to work the blokes would sing the songs on the radio and would substitute words for 'Garry' (who was another guy who worked there). It was an ongoing joke. Maybe I will call her Garrietta. Hee Hee. Hopefully he will change his mind. All she needs now is a friend to share the yard with.

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