Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ducks, cake and rabbits on Mother's Day


 Some cute art work from my kidlets.

Here are some of my recent finds.

I was excited to see this is the plastics sections of the op shop for $2.50!! This was in the op shop that I NEVER find anything. On the same visit I found a cute casual dress that has now become one of my favourites.

There were quite a few of these to choose from. At $5 a piece I couldn't resist. Will put one of them in my daughters room (with a new seat cover of course). Check out the timber floor, we are finally getting somewhere with our extension and getting the the fun parts like furniture and eventually kitchen/bathroom.

My friend and I went for a drive to the other side of Adelaide to look at a couch for her and pick up something for me. Was fun to drive around kid free like in the old days. We even stopped at a couple of garage sales where I picked up these duck measuring cups.

 Cute vintage fabric hats that someone has recently put some ties on.

Brand new plastic tea cups/saucers for the caravan.


A few months back we were given two male rabbits by one of Mr M's work mates. He insisted they were males...

One evening Mr M comes in to tell me there is an extra rabbit in the aviary and it must have been hiding underneath the hutch for a while. Hmm, so not males then. A few days later he makes another discovery...tiny baby rabbits. Oh dear! Not really part of the plan. Eeek! The kids love them but hopefully we can find them a home when they are ready.

Enjoy your day!

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