Thursday, July 28, 2011

House with a roof!

Here's a house with a floor, with a floor, with a floor

Here's a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall

Here's a house with a roof, with a roof, with a roof

I can't wait to be in our house, in our house, I can't wait to be in our house!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Pyrex Mixing Bowls

I have just joined The Pyrex Collective II and put in a post to show off my new mixing bowls. I LOVE them!

We had a really great afternoon today as we went to see Disney On Ice. Little Miss (13 months) was a bit of a handful but we expected that. When we first arrived Master M slipped off the edge of his seat and slammed his face into the metal railing leaving a nice bruise on his cheek. Not a good start - lol. Now we are just trying to get Little Miss to sleep so we can actually have some time to ourselves. She slept on the way home so her routine is all out of whack.

The extension is moving along nicely apart from a few mistakes that have been made with door way sizes, hoping these will be fixed soon. Will post some pics soon.

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool stuff in Strath!

On Saturday Mr M thought that it was a good day to go for a drive to Strathalbyn. It is about 25 minutes from us and has LOTS of antique and collectible shops. Every August the town holds 'Strathalbyn Collectors, Hobbies and Antiques Fair'. This year Tim Wonnacott  from Bargain Hunt is making an appearance. I have been seeing his mug on the back of  public transport lately. You know the guy who matches his glasses to his bow tie, seems to really like pink and has teeth only a mother could love? Might even try and go this year as we have never been before. Anyway,  there is one shop in Strath that I LOVE, there is soooo much to look at. We had a squiz and I took some pics, then walked up High Street to check out some others shops. Mr M ended up waiting outside with the kids because Master M decided it was very boring and we didn't really trust him not to break anything. I didn't spend long in the shops because they were waiting for me but also because when you normally go to garage sales the prices in antiques shops seem way over the top. One place wanted $30 for a Pyrex mixing bowl that wasn't even in the best condition. I just get a bit frustrated with this as I am a bargain hunter. 

These pics are from the cool place called 'Antique Bazaar of Strathalbyn'.

 Had to hold myself  back from these groovy green canisters. Ahh.

Seems just like yesterday...

 Lots of good stuff going on here.

 So cute cupboard and of course scales (one of my favourite things).

I took this pic for the gorgeous 'bathing beauty' bottom right. Isn't she just adorable.

Loads of green Depression glass. I think this lot was mainly uranium (pricey).

This little iron did tempt me. So sweet.


Nice legs!

Hmm. Dad used to use those Castrol drums as rubbish bins in his shed!

Where do you start?

A little bit of vintage fashion.

 Do you think this would look good in the extension? Hee Hee

 One of my Nanas had one of these high chairs. Brings back memories.

Little Miss Cutie (or is that Scary - I'm not sure) and Big Ears Frank.


 Mr M and I had a chuckle at this sign at another antique shop across the road.

Hope you are having a fantastic day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ok, so I am being lazy today...

I wanted to do another vintage post (not personal), however when it gets dark at 5:30pm and the kids don't go to bed at seven I seem to run out of time to photograph. So I thought I would show you some of my past finds/sales. I am itching to get to some my garage sales and oppies but it just ain't happening at the moment. I always find that when I look through old pics that I think 'oh, why didn't I keep this' or 'why didn't I keep that'. Sigh...

Some my garage  sale loot from a year or so ago (actually maybe 3 years). Ugly jug and bowl at the front don't you think?  Someone liked it though as I no longer have it. I really have to get back into selling again. I used to really enjoy it but I think I am just over it right now, maybe too much else going on. I will have to get back into it though or I won't be able to justify my thrifting!! Now that wouldn't be good at all!

Some more. Hmm. I think I have those retro pins (badges) around somewhere. I wonder where though... 
Mr M made me put that footy head thing in the picture. Lol.

Little cutie retro elephant.

Really like this anodised kettle, should have kept it, but then again, would I REALLY use it??

Hubby found this old ice cream tin.

Meet Molly. Molly loves to scare the crackers out of me when standing in the passage way and Ive forgotten I put her there. She is also is fond of scaring visitors. She has an unfortunate booby but I still think she is great. My Nana had one of these and it used to creep me out (the dummy, not the booby). She put a hat on it because she thought that would make all the difference - I thought it was even creepier then. Nana FAIL!

Not sure about this one but I guess it is pretty, just a bit old lady-ish.

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Been missing in action.

Hey All!

Have been quite sick the last couple of weeks and today is the first time I have felt up to posting. Gee it is hard to look after kids when you're sick isn't it!! Have you seen that advert on TV when the guy is sick and the house locks him in and he just HAS to go and spend all day in bed? I am SOOO jealous of that guy. He has got it good. LOL.  I thought I had the flu at first but now seems it may be Glandular Fever. I am going to ask for a blood test on Monday so I know what is going on. I have golf balls each side of my neck which is interesting.

I will do a proper entry when I am better but see the little retro bobby pins up the top of the page? I bought a stack of them a few years ago and one packet didn't sell. I decided to hang onto them just in case I had a little girl. So guess what little miss will be wearing when she is old enough not to try and eat them? So cute.
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