Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Too cold to get out and about today, eek!

Hello to you lovely people! Today I decided to stay home for a change and loved it! The fact that it is about 9 degrees outside probably helped my decision (brrr). I think I should stay home more often. The house is actually getting tidy, fancy that. Washing done. I even had time to make an apple crumble to keep Mr M happy. Now I have a cuppa next to me and am relaxing.

Master M started school this term. My little boy is growing up. I must admit it it a lot easier at home with just my little girl and it's nice to get some one on one time with her but I do miss him (but not the fighting - lol).

Here are some more pics of my recent finds. I have found more since but they are still on the camera so will come later.

The fact that I don't need anymore Pyrex mixing bowls, and the fact that I don't use them often (because I don't want to ruin them with an electric beater), didn't stop me from buying more. But hey, I don't have any (plain) green ones like this so I guess it's OK.

I have always loved this pattern and this is my first piece to own. Please ignore the clone stamping in the pic, I was trying to get hide the price tag and did a quick and shoddy job. I would love a set of the matching mixing bowls. My Mum has a set but I think I would be fighting my sister for them and she has bigger muscles than me. :)

My sister and I went op shopping in Murray Bridge again recently and found one of the stores had 50% off  EVERYTHING! I picked up this Royal Doulton plate for $4! I love it's simplicity and this green is one of favourite colours.  It's in brilliant condition too!

At the same store I picked up this teapot but I can't read the back stamp. It is made in England though. Will be a seller eventually.

Some more vintage fabric (right) and sheets (left). Actually for my next post I will show you something funky that my Mum made for me out of my new (never used) vintage sheets. I LOVE it!

Have a great week!
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