Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One squid, one chair, Pyrex and a bit of Christmas.

Only one squid (kid) with me on Tuesday, what to do? Don't want to spend too much money (the extension is taking all that). Bit of op shopping? Why of course, good guess!

One of the first things I saw in Salvos was an unusual shaped pink Depression glass bowl. I am in love...buuut it is priced at $35, so unfortunately won't be coming home with me.   I did pick up something else for $35 which should get a lot more use than the over priced bowl  (well after it's make over).

Ta da!

There were two of these for sale but I only need one. I have no idea how much it will cost to have it recovered but I think it still should be cheaper than what I see chairs like this go for new (and of course new is just not the same is it). I have no idea on fabric, does anyone have any clever ideas?

I had told myself no more Pyrex...


but that didn't last long. They were $4 each and in great condition.

Linking my thrifty finds with Her Library Adventures.

On Sunday Mr M got stuck into some trenching for storm water (we are only rain water only). My cousin and I decided to take the kids to one of the local town's Christmas Pageants.  You have to love these parades, they have loads small town charm. The clowns handed out chalk for the kids to colour the road before the pageant started which kept them occupied. Master M has a funny aversion to balloons, he likes them but hates that they pop and make a loud noise. He spent the time with ear plugs in. I am really hoping he grows out of it as it makes birthday parties difficult as you can imagine - hmmm. Saw a couple of my friends making an appearance in the parade with their children. About 80% of the parade is kindy and school children dressed up and the odd float here and there. This parade is very typical of what you can expect in the hills, very sweet in a really dorky kind of way.

Red head by me, dress by Handmade by Whint

 Have you seen this gorgeous giveaway?   I get an extra two entries for letting you all know about it.  Go ahead and enter and mention it in your blog for another two chances to win! These dresses and shoes are just gorgeous so go over and check it out at Naughty Shorts.

Sherry :)


  1. OooOoOO I totally adore that chair! ($35 OMG steal of a price) I am even crazy over the fabric on it.
    Love your pyrex finds, I can't stop buying them either. My Mr. always says "How many dishes do we need?" (Pffffttt MEN!)

    Your little red head is precious, what a cutie and her dress is cute too.

  2. Thanks VC. The chair is a bit more faded in real life which is a shame.

  3. Sweet and dorky, the best kind of parade.
    I am the mother of a gorgeous (not so little anymore) red-head too.
    Have a lovely weekend Sherry x

  4. Hullo, I came over from seeing your post on Pyrex Collective II.

    I really like your chair as is. I think upholstery can be quite pricey, have you considered getting it steam cleaned to see how you feel about it first?

  5. Love your bargain chair,live with it awhile you might like to keep it as is.One cute little redhead!

  6. Oh that chair is BEEEUTIFUL. Surely even with some fading you could keep it as is? And one can never have too much colourful pyrex, but you already know that silly! And your girl is gorgeous in her christmas dress. melx

  7. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I love your blog and all your vintage finds, look forward to future posts! Regards, Nadya

  8. Ooh that chair is gorgeous and will come up a treat reupholstered..though I do quite like it as is. Loving that pink pyrex too, I have not seen it in real life.
    Your little red head is adorable!!


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