Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uranium glass glow!

Have not posted lately as I am on a very dodgy internet plan that only allows me 2GB download a month. What was I thinking when I signed up for that?! The entry I am working on was driving me crazy as there are quite a few photos and editing, uploading and downloading was taking forever. However tonight I  got the blogging bug and thought a quick entry would be bearable (only 1 hour until it speeds up again - yay!).

A few months ago Mr M thought it would be fun to buy a UV globe. Not really sure why  he bought it but he got it out tonight and UV'd up the lounge room. Our black and white photos looked fantastic! Then I remembered that I had always wated to try out some Depression glass under UV light. Some glass of that era contains uranium to colour it. Apparently the glass is slightly radioactive (and looks fantastic glowing) - this link gives you a bit of  history about uranium glass and about the radioactivity element.  

I  tried a couple of my green glass pieces under the light with no luck and then remembered this bowl I had in the shed with a more refined look about it. Sure enough it glowed. Check it out!


Now that I have done some Googling I am fairly sure I have a plate that is uranium glass also. As tempted as I am to dig it out, the slow pc and the cold weather means I will stay here and have a look in the shed another day.

Check this picture out. That is some collection!

Under normal fluro globes with flash.


  1. How very interesting - had no idea about either the names or the radioactivity.Don't you just wish you had access to a geiger counter to whizz over all your bits at home! Melx

  2. I have a few pieces of the green that glow under a black light. I've heard them called vaseline glass also.


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