Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time to kill.

On Tuesday I had some time to kill - 45 minutes to be precise. I decided I would have a browse around one of the local second hand /antique shops in the hills, and cross my fingers I didn't see something that I just had to have. Adelaide Hills Second Hand, 189 Macfarlane Tce, Mount Barker in South Australia , sells antiques and general second hand goods.  There is a lot to look at because they have three warehouses! Actually I purchased the blue cannisters in a previous post from this place. I have seen some really funky furniture here and also some beautiful antiques.  They  were happy for me to have a look around and take some photos. Maybe I might get a discount next time I buy something from them for giving them a free plug here. LOL -  just joking!

Check out the legs on these girls!

I love the colour of these drawers and if I had somewhere to put them I might be tempted. Come to think of it all my favourite things are green at the moment...

Retro bobble in lime green!

I walked past this lovely cabinet and then noticed the top and realised that it is an old Singer. It is just gorgeous and all the draws are just as the previous owner left them. There are old threads, oil tin, little pieces of fabric and even a manual. However the manual is actually the manual for  the Singer machine I own. I would have loved to have had look through,  but as it is  very fragile I wouldn't dare. The machine comes with a little wooden box that folds open to reveal old singer parts (photo on the right). Just beautiful.

Some old trunks.

Bit of this and that.

Love this funky kitchen hutch.



  1. Oooh my Mum would love that pram and quite like that funky retro kitchen cupboard and the blue trunk and leadlight oh!no!

  2. My favourite is the leadlight. I will have to own own one of those leadlight cupboards one day me thinks!

  3. loving those aqua drawers as well.
    Beautiful jewels.

  4. Thanks for stopping by emmie gemmie!


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