Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three finds.

The big boy fell asleep on the couch and the little girl is in her cot. This NEVER happens during the day. Party time! Well if you call ‘partying’ enjoying a cup of tea in front of the pc… I guess it’s in full swing!

I have a couple of finds to share with you. Firstly the lovely pink Depression glass plate that I picked up from the good old Lions shed. 

Then the 'Woodies' syphon bottle. South Australians love their Woodroofe Lemonade. I bought this from a garage sale. Unfortunately someone had knocked it over and broken the top (underneath the cap). The owners were quite disappointed but I must admit they had a really silly set up for a garage sale and it was bound to happen. I grabbed it for $2 because you can’t tell it’s broken unless you lift the top and the glass straw is still intact.  Oh dear, I just got a shiver. Does the word ‘hoarder’ mean anything to me? No, no I am not at that stage yet, I am still able to throw away old plastic containers. Lol  

Last is my cute pinny apron with gingham cherry. I have sold quite a few aprons but lately have started keeping them for myself (hoarder). Really like this one.

One more day until the weekend! 


  1. The pink plate is really pretty.... Appeals to my inner Nanna!

  2. The photo you took of that pink plate is brilliant. I think if you took the photo straight on filling the whole frame , it would be like a gorgeous shiny pink gerbra or zinnia and you could frame it for your little girl's room.
    The apron is very cute too, and frankly if you don't see A Current Affair sniffing around, you are not yet in scary hoarder territory. If your kids can only weave a tiny well worn path through your house due to piles of stuff, perhaps a small alarm bell should be sounding.

  3. Great idea Bungalowgirl! A Farmers Wife - it's funny, I used to sell this type of glass because I didn't find it appealing (now I keep it). My inner Nana is alive and well.

  4. "Woodie's Lemonade, mod 'ade,
    for the modern generation.
    Woodie's Lemonade, mod 'ade,
    the best 'ade made.
    A real clean taste
    with a real lemon tang,
    High sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.
    A clean taste
    with a real lemon tang!"

    Me, I hoard words ...

    See for more.

    Nice pictures! Thanks!


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