Saturday, April 2, 2011

A few 'pretty' things.

Last Tuesday my little girl and I visited an old friend (and her beautiful children). My friend and her husband have a stunning house that they designed and built on a large property. Visiting her is a bit like being on a holiday (even if it’s the shortest holiday on record).

My friend (call her Mrs M) has an elegant collection of Royal Doulton that she purchased new in the last few years ( of which I am too scared to look at let alone touch as the set is lovely). She also has some gorgeous vintage pieces on display in her home.  The photo above is of her MIL’s childhood chair with a Wedgwood ‘Ophelia’ jug. Ok, so the jug is not vintage but it’s very pretty don’t you think? I can now hear my year 3 school teacher telling me to never use the word ‘pretty’ or ‘nice’ as describing words. However I think ‘pretty’ describes the jug perfectly (so rack off teacher!).

Mr’s M and I searched around her abode collecting the vintage pieces she owns.Unfortunately my photography skills are limited at this stage so not all pieces that I photographed can be displayed here  (very average). We both agreed that it is probably about time that I read the manual that came with the camera and pop in another time to see her for a cup of tea and a re-photograph.

I am told this little white jug is very sentimental; it was a gift to Mrs M’s Grandmother from her Grandmother’s sister just before she migrated to Australia from England in 1956. She had purchased it in an antique store back then. It is marked Royal Worcester and is a ‘Fern Leaf’ jug.

The salt and pepper shakers with crinoline lady are Lord Nelson Ware ‘Pompadour’. I am not normally into ‘busy’ china like this as I prefer the simpler designs. However, because of the small size of the set I think they are rather cute. My husband tells me that china can’t be ‘cute’, but he also thinks cars can’t be ‘cute’ and I beg to differ. 

The two pieces above are English. The smaller jug (creamer/gravy boat?)  is marked ‘Maddock’ and the larger gravy boat…um…the larger one…actually I have no idea. I forgot the write it down. Hmm. Sorry about that (it’s ‘nice’ though isn’t it)! 


  1. Gorgeous jug. Just went to the top of my wish list!

  2. Oh, that chair! Love that. And the S&P ... I can't help but think that if the designers from Anthropologie saw those, they'd be drafting a modern version for their stores.

    It's all so nice. And pretty! :-)

  3. Wow, I just checked out their website. Somes I wish I lived in the USA. Lol

  4. They are pretty goodies!Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  5. Hello there Sherry....!

    THANK YOU for visiting with me Lovey....YES....I AGREE most wholeheartedly....It's an AMAZING place....!!

    If you don't get around to reading the manual I don't think it will matter much as your pics are FABULOUS....Mind....I know If I WERE to read the manual I wouldn't have so many editing 'issues' so perhaps don't pay attention to my comment....hahahahaha....!

    It sounds like a LOVELY visit to your Friends....How WONDERFUL for her to have been handed down that ADORABLE chippy chair....!

    Hope you're having a WONDERFUL week though as I've SAVED you to my reading list I'm SURE I'll find out for myself that you are....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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