Monday, October 31, 2011

Tea Cup Tales

This week for something different I am linking into Tea Cup Tuesday here at Martha's Favourites.

UPDATE: Clever me just missed the cut off for Tea Cup Tuesday so I am not linked in but she did give me the idea.

I have never really been a frilly tea cup person, but in my old age I am starting to see the beauty in them. It's kind of like having my granny goggles on. The same thing has happened with Depression glass, didn't really understand all the fuss...but then it grew on me. I love these tea cups because I am very sentimental and treasure them, but not so much for what they look like. Having said that though, this one below is probably the first tea cup set (first of three so far) that I have ever bought for myself because I liked it.

Alfred Meakin

Pretty cute don't you think? I paid $15 which isn't a bargain but isn't too bad for something that I really like.

Royal Stafford

This tea cup and jug actually come from a set. I can't remember what is in the set at the moment as these are the only two I display due to serious lack of space. My Pa gave the set to my Nana (who we called Nana 'flower') for their engagement and I was offered them after my Nana and Pa passed away. I am in love with it especially because my Pa picked them out himself (hmm, I think he picked them out, will have to suss that out). I was also offered me some other things of my Nana's that I didn't take and am kicking myself now...think Kenwood Chef, vintage clock, vintage glass and jug set. What was I thinking? Was I thinking? Maybe someone had given me a temporary lobotomy. Hello!

Royal Vale

This little blue number was Nana's but on my Mums side - Nana 'swing' as we called her (my grandad had made a huge four person swing for his kids and it was still on the go). She was a lovely Nana (they both were).

Queen Anne

I was very touched to receive this set as it is from Mr M's Nana. It was nice of  my FIL to think of me and save this. All the grand daughters inherited a set.

Spring Field

 My Nana Flower lived in Wales until she was about seven and then emigrated to Australia.  In my Grandparents older years they visited the UK and this was what what brought home for me. She told my sister and I that we shouldn't take them home until our lounge room was finished (renovations) and we had a china cabinet. Well, we never got a china cabinet but used my elephant memory and never forgot my little gift. She passed away and I mentioned it and my Pa who passed them on to us.

If you are into tea cups there are lots to check out at the link above.

Enjoy your week!

Sherry :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Finds and fun!

Hope you all are having/have had a great weekend. I seem to have been cleaning all day today but the house is still a mess so I have given up. I find that if the house is tidy I sabotage myself and make it messy again anyway. :)

First up I want to show you a pretty little dress I bought from Whint who is someone that I have never met in real life but have come across on my internet travels. I have been wanting to buy one of her little dresses for a while and when this little Christmas number came up I couldn't resist. So cute!


Can't wait for Christmas for Little Miss to wear it. Here are the details below!

Made it store:


Definitely worth a look!

Next some finds for you:

Picked this up at a garage sale. The man running the sale had  hand made it back in the 70's when he 'was into cats'. It will be a seller. His adult daughter showed me a lump of clay that was an art project she did at school and told me that there was a carton of beer in it for anyone who could sell it. It resembled a bowl with a pair of stumpy feet. I was tempted to buy it so someone could get their beer but declined in the end.

Sorry about the terrible photo, there are actually 5 glasses (shame not 6).  I was in the middle of negotiation with the seller for these as I had another pile of junk treasures put aside when someone tried to cut my lunch!! The other bargain hunter asked me if I was going to buy them, I said 'yes' she then said 'well, I would take them for full price'. Luckily the seller (and I) just ignored her. Hmm, I think this would be against garage sale etiquette don't you think? Lol.

Wood and Sons -ENGLAND
So pretty...
$4.50 for me! Reminds me of what my Nana would put out afternoon tea on.

Mr M bought this and wants to do it up for little Miss. I don't have the heart to say that I am not sure where he will find the time now the extension is nearly finished (we are doing the inside ourselves). I guess she is still young so he has a couple of years.

These are in as new condition. The short one did have another base to it that had been used and had chips in it so I left it there and just took these two. I don't think they have been used looking at the bottom and the inside.

 Don't look at the prices, I did a deal with the seller and got them cheap as chips!

A question for you guys with Etsy stores who live in Australia. Do you find that they are worth while? I once had an eBay store that did quite well...until they changed the search. What do you think about Etsy and do you make many sales? Thanks!

Weekend Stuff:

Little Miss has to be into everything and eats anything. When I saw her trying to drink some stagnant water left over from the rain I decided she might like some fresh water to play in. Looked around and realised we no longer have any hard plastic wading pools so used the old baby bath. I didn't mean for her to make mud water and then GET INTO IT!!

All this was happening while Mr M was working on the cubby that is getting there slowly but looking good. He doesn't seem to get much time between other jobs, the kids and the fact that he has a HUGE family - it is always someones birthday, Christening, wedding etc.

Garry making herself at home in the extension. She thinks Mr M is her Mum and follows him everywhere...even into our house a couple of times. I really don't like hearing 'no, don't wee on the floor!!!'. Doh! She is very cute though.

Had a niece's (on Mr M's side) first birthday on Sunday and when we came home I found these near the door. How nice...a surprise from my sister and cousin! Yum, Yum!

 I bought the jug for $1  a little while ago thinking it would be a great vase - and it is! By the way there were more biscuits than that originally but they are now in my tummy.

Have a great day!
Sherry :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty Funky!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Thought this it was about time that I show you some of my recent finds. 

 These are keepers. Picked them up for $1.50. Does anyone know what they are? Some kind of alcohol related glass ware? I am going to use them as bud vases. Master M often picks me a weed lovely flower from the garden (so sweet) and one of these would be the perfect.

These vintage sheets are all NEW!! I probably should sell them but I think I will hang onto them for now. One even had the original packaging below:

A picture can tell a thousand words. What do you think? Top pic is 'before', bottom pic is 'after' and this pic below is 'during'. Ewww...too much information on this packaging!!

A stack of funky curtains to sell (I think).

50s do you think? $2

Another pile of vintage patterns to sell. I love these and would be more than happy to keep them but it seems very silly to when I cant knit!!!

Look how many!!  I have this many in my cupboard already!

 I bought a set of these for me for $7.50. I think there six of them (bad memory). Johnson Bros, Australia. So pretty don't you think? The saucer is a really cute shape.

Oui! Oui!

I love this tray. Do you think it would be Depression era?

Lucky last is this sweet little vintage sewing basket.

More finds to come...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scenes from The Show

What a 'fun' week it's been. Two sick kids starting last Wednesday. Little Miss has had a temp since last Thursday and Dr's couldn't do anything. Yesterday she was like a rag doll all day - so sick. I was quite worried so took her to the hospital and she is finally on antibiotics. The extension is being a right pain in the you know where, builders stuff ups, hmm. I am really looking forward to catching up on your blogs as I have been out of action lately. Hope you are all doing well! :)

I took some pics at The Royal Adelaide show that was around a month ago now (slack hey). Mr M is more into 'The Show' than me but we all have a great day and the kids were really good.

First stop: Animal Nursery.

Crazy chickadees.

Master M was having a good time until the balloons on the side show next to us started popping. He hates balloons and started freaking out a little (of course we had just handed over the money when we realised). The man running the side show was great and gave him a prize before he even started playing and at the end gave him a choice of three soft toys to cheer him up (he was still freaking out but we really appreciated his efforts, what a lovely guy - lol).

Take two. No balloons near by: check. No loud rides: check. All good.

This display was stunning so I just had to share.

Hmm. Would be nice if I could tell you a little about them but I was too busy taking pictures to actually find out who put all this together. Sorry!

Not a very scary scarecrow, but I think he is a cutie!

These ones...not so cute.

This guy is likely to make an appearance in my nightmares soon.

These pics are from the Show Museum.

See the pink 'Ladies Ticket'.

This little car is from the once iconic Mad Mouse ride that stopped running in 2007. I think it ran on Show Days for about 44 years and I can clearly remember my Dad taking me for my first of many rides on it. Trust me not many people looked so poised riding the Mad Mouse.

She doesn't appear to be impressed at all!

I said "no more garage sales" and then Mr M comes home and tells me there is a garage sale down the road that had some 'old' stuff that I might like. Oh to come.

That's all folks!
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