Monday, October 24, 2011

Finds and fun!

Hope you all are having/have had a great weekend. I seem to have been cleaning all day today but the house is still a mess so I have given up. I find that if the house is tidy I sabotage myself and make it messy again anyway. :)

First up I want to show you a pretty little dress I bought from Whint who is someone that I have never met in real life but have come across on my internet travels. I have been wanting to buy one of her little dresses for a while and when this little Christmas number came up I couldn't resist. So cute!


Can't wait for Christmas for Little Miss to wear it. Here are the details below!

Made it store:


Definitely worth a look!

Next some finds for you:

Picked this up at a garage sale. The man running the sale had  hand made it back in the 70's when he 'was into cats'. It will be a seller. His adult daughter showed me a lump of clay that was an art project she did at school and told me that there was a carton of beer in it for anyone who could sell it. It resembled a bowl with a pair of stumpy feet. I was tempted to buy it so someone could get their beer but declined in the end.

Sorry about the terrible photo, there are actually 5 glasses (shame not 6).  I was in the middle of negotiation with the seller for these as I had another pile of junk treasures put aside when someone tried to cut my lunch!! The other bargain hunter asked me if I was going to buy them, I said 'yes' she then said 'well, I would take them for full price'. Luckily the seller (and I) just ignored her. Hmm, I think this would be against garage sale etiquette don't you think? Lol.

Wood and Sons -ENGLAND
So pretty...
$4.50 for me! Reminds me of what my Nana would put out afternoon tea on.

Mr M bought this and wants to do it up for little Miss. I don't have the heart to say that I am not sure where he will find the time now the extension is nearly finished (we are doing the inside ourselves). I guess she is still young so he has a couple of years.

These are in as new condition. The short one did have another base to it that had been used and had chips in it so I left it there and just took these two. I don't think they have been used looking at the bottom and the inside.

 Don't look at the prices, I did a deal with the seller and got them cheap as chips!

A question for you guys with Etsy stores who live in Australia. Do you find that they are worth while? I once had an eBay store that did quite well...until they changed the search. What do you think about Etsy and do you make many sales? Thanks!

Weekend Stuff:

Little Miss has to be into everything and eats anything. When I saw her trying to drink some stagnant water left over from the rain I decided she might like some fresh water to play in. Looked around and realised we no longer have any hard plastic wading pools so used the old baby bath. I didn't mean for her to make mud water and then GET INTO IT!!

All this was happening while Mr M was working on the cubby that is getting there slowly but looking good. He doesn't seem to get much time between other jobs, the kids and the fact that he has a HUGE family - it is always someones birthday, Christening, wedding etc.

Garry making herself at home in the extension. She thinks Mr M is her Mum and follows him everywhere...even into our house a couple of times. I really don't like hearing 'no, don't wee on the floor!!!'. Doh! She is very cute though.

Had a niece's (on Mr M's side) first birthday on Sunday and when we came home I found these near the door. How nice...a surprise from my sister and cousin! Yum, Yum!

 I bought the jug for $1  a little while ago thinking it would be a great vase - and it is! By the way there were more biscuits than that originally but they are now in my tummy.

Have a great day!
Sherry :)


  1. What a cute little dress and I love the jug and glasses. You got some great finds!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hi Sherry, I just love that pic of Garry. How gorgeous that he thinks your husband is his Mum. I always had a pet lamb when I was growing up and they were always called Lambsy. Except for the last one who I named Elizabeth...not sure why x

  3. Wow oh wow - that dress is amazing and I love the pots. I looked at the prices and though 'that's cheap' but you haggled them even cheaper - well done :)

  4. That dress is the most adorable little thing I've ever seen! And it looks like you know how to work your way around a garage sale! I absolutely love those pots, the pattern is so cute. The tea tray is really pretty too. Also, those cookies look delicious! lol

  5. That dress is adorable! I've often wondered the same thing about an Aussie Etsy site, I've come across a lovely australian Etsy store called Fox and Thomas, maybe you could contact the seller and ask them how they find it?

  6. there is so much loveliness in this post! just gorgeous!

  7. What a fantastic great all rounder post, you have it all covered cute kids, pet lambs, vintage finds and renovation progress. Love that dresser- i would put a few hooks up and some knobs and use it while all shabby- with a few teeny china tea sets it would be perfect. melx

  8. What a gorgeous little dress ~ I look forward to seeing it being modelled by little miss. You did really well at the garage sale and the jug and glasses are lovely ~ also the jug that you got for the bargain price of $1 ~ lucky you. It looks great with the flowers in it.

    Thank-you for your comment re. the Cornishware yellow jug, I couldn't believe it was only a £1. I have a few yellow pieces but have had to pay a premium to get them, so big smiles all round. Happy hunting! Haizi.


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