Monday, October 31, 2011

Tea Cup Tales

This week for something different I am linking into Tea Cup Tuesday here at Martha's Favourites.

UPDATE: Clever me just missed the cut off for Tea Cup Tuesday so I am not linked in but she did give me the idea.

I have never really been a frilly tea cup person, but in my old age I am starting to see the beauty in them. It's kind of like having my granny goggles on. The same thing has happened with Depression glass, didn't really understand all the fuss...but then it grew on me. I love these tea cups because I am very sentimental and treasure them, but not so much for what they look like. Having said that though, this one below is probably the first tea cup set (first of three so far) that I have ever bought for myself because I liked it.

Alfred Meakin

Pretty cute don't you think? I paid $15 which isn't a bargain but isn't too bad for something that I really like.

Royal Stafford

This tea cup and jug actually come from a set. I can't remember what is in the set at the moment as these are the only two I display due to serious lack of space. My Pa gave the set to my Nana (who we called Nana 'flower') for their engagement and I was offered them after my Nana and Pa passed away. I am in love with it especially because my Pa picked them out himself (hmm, I think he picked them out, will have to suss that out). I was also offered me some other things of my Nana's that I didn't take and am kicking myself now...think Kenwood Chef, vintage clock, vintage glass and jug set. What was I thinking? Was I thinking? Maybe someone had given me a temporary lobotomy. Hello!

Royal Vale

This little blue number was Nana's but on my Mums side - Nana 'swing' as we called her (my grandad had made a huge four person swing for his kids and it was still on the go). She was a lovely Nana (they both were).

Queen Anne

I was very touched to receive this set as it is from Mr M's Nana. It was nice of  my FIL to think of me and save this. All the grand daughters inherited a set.

Spring Field

 My Nana Flower lived in Wales until she was about seven and then emigrated to Australia.  In my Grandparents older years they visited the UK and this was what what brought home for me. She told my sister and I that we shouldn't take them home until our lounge room was finished (renovations) and we had a china cabinet. Well, we never got a china cabinet but used my elephant memory and never forgot my little gift. She passed away and I mentioned it and my Pa who passed them on to us.

If you are into tea cups there are lots to check out at the link above.

Enjoy your week!

Sherry :)


  1. The Alfred Meakin set is to die for!

  2. love that queen anne...just so charming!

  3. Oh Sherry, that first one! I just love it to pieces. It reminds me of those vintage prints of French cafes, I've always loved's easy to understand why you bought it, even for fifteen bucks x

  4. I love that first set too, seems so Parisian 50's. I have a tiny collection too but none as lovely as that one. melx

  5. *AHHH* Tea cups are so fancy and sweet. I always feel a little more sophisticated using one. *hehe*
    They are all quite lovely!

    (About your comment on my vanity post you said: "She likely still has some energy vibes from previous owners - don't you think - hmm, now I sound crazy.")
    Not CRAZY AT ALL! The first night it was in my bedroom I was a little nervous to turn off the lights and climb into bed... in fear that I would see some un-known womans face in the mirror brushing her hair or something. LOL!

  6. Wow these are so beautiful and special, the drawing are lovely and you paid a good price for something so amazing! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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