Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bit of this and that

Hey! Funny, I always say 'hey' when little Miss comes up to me. She is now running around saying 'aye, aye, aye'. Lol.

I was enjoying my new note pad until it got a virus and started shutting down on me but I am back after 10 days all all is good.

So here is a bit of this and that...

The junk shop in Mount Barker (South Australia - just thought I would add that due to Mt Barker in WA) from one of my older posts is closing down as has 'make an offer' signs up. I have been eyeing off this retro red dish for a while, I would keep thinking about it from time to time. The marked price was $20 and that's too much for a bargain hunter like me. I really would have liked to pay about $8 but asked what was the best price they could do. $15. I asked it they would take $12 and it became mine. Needs a bit of a clean as you can see.

Picked up this Pyrex mixing bowl for $4. I looove mixing bowls!!

OK, now for other stuff...

The extension is coming along nicely but who is that crazy mum who takes her kids to the top of the scaffold. How irresponsible!!

And from the other side.

Mr M has been talking about building a cubby house for the kids for ages. I told him he better hurry up then because before we know it the house will be finished and as we are doing the inside he is going to be very busy.

Even Garry wants to be part of the action.

More like Mary following the lamb everywhere than the lamb following Mary. Will someone get this crazy kid away from me!!!

Terrible pic but look who we have visiting us making a racket in the tree.

Here is my little 4yo boy who is scared of balloons (he hates when they pop) jumping into the foam pit at his cousins 6th birthday party tonight. Yeah...he is scared of balloons but not this. Lol Mum, Dad and the other adults couldn't help themselves but have a go too.

 Here I am. Excuse the 15 month old baby belly - that will be gone soon especially since I am  trying out for the Olympic gymnastics team.

Mr M is trying out for the mens team.

We had a ball and don't want to grow up. :)

I am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs as I have only been able to check them out on my phone.

Have a great weekend!

Sherry :)


  1. Love your red themed buys. Wow, that is some extension. Very glad to hear that someone else is scared of balloons!

  2. The house extension looks like its coming along nicely.
    Aww little Garry has sure grown, such a little sweetie.
    Such fun family time you must be enjoying it. x

  3. I don't want to grow up either!
    Love the red casserole, I know the junk shop you're referring too, we always stop for a rummage on our way to Albany. Will miss it next time. There was a concrete Aboriginal I really, really wanted but it was too pricey. Wonder if it's still there...had to settle for a concrete penguin instead. House looks great.

  4. It is starting to become apparent to me that ALL the best thrifty finds are in WA.....what is going on over there?

    btw, a lamb named Gary, lol :)

  5. I am in SA but just remembered that there is a Mount Barker in WA isn't there!

  6. I'm glad I got here after you cleared the Mt Barker thing up I'm a WA girl! I love the bright red dish yay for bartering .

  7. LOL! What a wonderful sense of humor you have! Love the little visitor in your tree, and the pictures of Mary and her little Lamb are the sweetest! I love the red pyrex bowl you found.
    Now I must apologize for deleting your lovely comment by accident. I went to remove something else and when I went back to check, I found I had deleted yours. AGGHHH!! I don't know how I did that.


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