Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avalon Collectables

Hey all! I have been doing some serious op shopping and also went to a huge garage sale in the last week. So excited to show you all what I picked up. There is stuff all over the place right now but will get some photos for you as soon as I can.

I have a new lap top and I am telling you it is sooo fantastic to have a computer that is not at deaths door. My desk top is nearly seven years old - yes SEVEN!! Ancient! I do feel a little sad though, it has been good to us over the years. I am such a sook, I can get attached to anything. No wonder I can't throw anything out! Now I just have to up my data allowance and I won't know myself (hopefully start some selling again too). One happy mummy sitting on the couch with my legs over this side and a pc on my lap! Lol. Bliss! All I need now is a mug of green tea and some chocolate.
When I picked my gorgeous shop scales (featured in the last post) also I visited this lovely shop in Woodside, South Australia. Although I am more of a thrifter and garage saler I still love to look in antique shops (and sometimes buy).  This shop had a warm inviting feeling when I walked in which prompted me to take some pics for you all.

Avalon Collectables

Such a sweet little shop.

Feeling the retro vibe with this funky red table and chairs. Stunning condition, if only I had somewhere to put them...

I want that pink cake box REALLY bad!

I took a pic of these because I have really good memories of being in the country visiting family as a child. There was a neighbourhood girl who was older than my brother and I  but who wasn't too cool to play with us - she had this game. We had such a fantastic summer holiday that year. It's one of those feel good childhood memories.

I like clocks...not all clocks...but I do like this clock. :)

Just because it looks pretty.

Love this set. Not too frilly.

Lovely green. Just noticed the two kissy couple on the bench - aww.

Will shut up now and just let you look at the pics.

Avalon Colletables
54 Onkaparinga Valley Road
Woodside, South Australia


  1. Hello ~ scrumptious stuff and great photos! I love the red diner and chairs, I would love that in my house, also doesn't the green look good altogether ~ and ..... I quite fancy the German clock too .... thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment ~ Haizi

  2. What a wonderful shop! I see a lot of things I would want if I lived near: green glass, lace edged linens, sewing basket, etc... Thanks for taking us along on your little treasure hunt!

  3. Gorgeous shop! Love (and want) your scales in the previous post! xo

  4. oh if only it wasnt so far away!! My favourite is definitely the tea cup set that you said was not too 'frilly', and I tend to agree! But I think I really like it because of the colours, I am quite obsessed with orange, and the autumn colours of that set to me are just magnificent!!
    Thanks for the photos!

  5. What an amazing shop, i'd love to lose a few hours looking around in there. Scarlett x

  6. What a gorgeous shop. I could potter around in there for hours! The green glass reminds me of my Grandma.


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