Monday, September 12, 2011

Vintage Shop Keeper

Hey all! Hope you are having a great day. Last Friday Mr M had a RDO and gave me an hour or so to myself without the kids. I took off to Balhannah, Oakbank and Woodside (South Australia). Some fantastic retro/vintage/junk shops to see.

I spotted these gorgeous scales (I have a 'thing' for scales) at 'The Boys From The Bush' in Woodside.  Had a sneaky at the price thinking that they would be over the top and out of my budget, but actually got a nice surprise. Since my Birthday is coming up... I just couldn't leave them there could I!!

The glass on them is missing and they are full of dust on the inside but nothing that Mr M's little air compressor can't fix. Maybe one day I will get the glass sorted too.

They are just gorgeous don't you think? Come on, tell me how much you love 'em!

Sherry :)


  1. I do love em Sherry, I definetely do!

  2. lovely! the background colour is also very yummy and the fabric...well, i'm in love.

  3. Ooooh gorgeous scales, I have a bit of a scales fetish as well, mainly the colour does it for me. I really love the way you set up the photo too, the background and fabric look wonderful with the white. melx

  4. What lovely scales, neat and small and very very cute! A perfect addition to any kitchen .... x

  5. Exactly what I would do with a free hour- thrift!!! The scales are very sweet.

  6. They are totally fabulous, I WANT them!!!!

  7. Oh that is awesome! I love vintage kitchen items. If I am ever lucky enough to spot one of those when out shopping it will be MINE lol!


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