Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scenes from The Show

What a 'fun' week it's been. Two sick kids starting last Wednesday. Little Miss has had a temp since last Thursday and Dr's couldn't do anything. Yesterday she was like a rag doll all day - so sick. I was quite worried so took her to the hospital and she is finally on antibiotics. The extension is being a right pain in the you know where, builders stuff ups, hmm. I am really looking forward to catching up on your blogs as I have been out of action lately. Hope you are all doing well! :)

I took some pics at The Royal Adelaide show that was around a month ago now (slack hey). Mr M is more into 'The Show' than me but we all have a great day and the kids were really good.

First stop: Animal Nursery.

Crazy chickadees.

Master M was having a good time until the balloons on the side show next to us started popping. He hates balloons and started freaking out a little (of course we had just handed over the money when we realised). The man running the side show was great and gave him a prize before he even started playing and at the end gave him a choice of three soft toys to cheer him up (he was still freaking out but we really appreciated his efforts, what a lovely guy - lol).

Take two. No balloons near by: check. No loud rides: check. All good.

This display was stunning so I just had to share.

Hmm. Would be nice if I could tell you a little about them but I was too busy taking pictures to actually find out who put all this together. Sorry!

Not a very scary scarecrow, but I think he is a cutie!

These ones...not so cute.

This guy is likely to make an appearance in my nightmares soon.

These pics are from the Show Museum.

See the pink 'Ladies Ticket'.

This little car is from the once iconic Mad Mouse ride that stopped running in 2007. I think it ran on Show Days for about 44 years and I can clearly remember my Dad taking me for my first of many rides on it. Trust me not many people looked so poised riding the Mad Mouse.

She doesn't appear to be impressed at all!

I said "no more garage sales" and then Mr M comes home and tells me there is a garage sale down the road that had some 'old' stuff that I might like. Oh to come.

That's all folks!


  1. Hope the little ones are on the mend - your daughter's virus sounds horrible.

    Has Gok Wan been over to your part of the world, perhaps with Alan Titchmarsh? Those huge flower frock arrangements are very extravagant...

    That museum is gorgeous - love those posters. Would be there for HOURS looking at it all.

    And hooray for your mister - a man who actually tells you there's more old stuff up for grabs!

  2. ps yes, those scarecrows are EEEEERY; Corpse Bride, Muppets... all sorts of influences going on ;)

  3. There was nothing as cool as this at our show, and believe me I hunted. Adelaide's looks awesome. I hope your kids get better pronto x

  4. Sorry to hear that the kids have been unwell, I hope they are well are on the mend soon.

    The Adelaide show looks great, I love the costume. It is a given that we go to our local show every year, would love to take the kids to the Sydney show..if we win the lotto that is.

    Can't miss a great garage sale can we?? Can't wait to see what you found. Tam x

  5. Yeah Trashsparkle, was thinking a bit of the Elephant Man too. Thanks guys!

  6. Sounds like a great day, loved your photos. Best wishes for your daughter, it's scary when they are that sick. It sounds like with the house and kid dramas you have had that a garage sale was just what you needed! melx

  7. Sorry to hear your little peeps have been poorly, it is always such a worry when they get a temperature and I hope they are ok now. Fab pictures and the chicks look sooooo cute alongside the sheep! The model display is stunning and I love the red poppy one. Also looking forward to seeing the pictures of the latest purchases from the garage sale ~ wishing you a happy Thursday ~ Haizi x

  8. Hope your family is on the mend. Your pictures are so fun! Love the flower apparel and hats- gorgeous. And, the chicks on the sheep- just adorable!

  9. Get well soon little ones,your show pics are lovely!Cute chickies.


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