Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty Funky!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Thought this it was about time that I show you some of my recent finds. 

 These are keepers. Picked them up for $1.50. Does anyone know what they are? Some kind of alcohol related glass ware? I am going to use them as bud vases. Master M often picks me a weed lovely flower from the garden (so sweet) and one of these would be the perfect.

These vintage sheets are all NEW!! I probably should sell them but I think I will hang onto them for now. One even had the original packaging below:

A picture can tell a thousand words. What do you think? Top pic is 'before', bottom pic is 'after' and this pic below is 'during'. Ewww...too much information on this packaging!!

A stack of funky curtains to sell (I think).

50s do you think? $2

Another pile of vintage patterns to sell. I love these and would be more than happy to keep them but it seems very silly to when I cant knit!!!

Look how many!!  I have this many in my cupboard already!

 I bought a set of these for me for $7.50. I think there six of them (bad memory). Johnson Bros, Australia. So pretty don't you think? The saucer is a really cute shape.

Oui! Oui!

I love this tray. Do you think it would be Depression era?

Lucky last is this sweet little vintage sewing basket.

More finds to come...


  1. What amazing finds! Love everything, especially the bedding (very strange packaging) and the knitting patterns! Could the glasses be for growing bulbs?
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. OMG, loving every single one of your buys, so much so that I'm having to scroll up the page again to have another drool. Saucy packaging!

  3. What a great mix of finds- love all your items! Can the sewing basket (I can't tell how big it is) be used as a pocketbook/purse? I would also keep alot of those purchases.

  4. you found some good stuff! But what I dont get about the package is how they keep they're sheets so neat? And Id love to get my hands on some of those shower curtains they have...haha great work!

  5. All of your recent finds are awesome. Very awesome actually. I would be thrilled to have any one of them in my posession, my favourites though are the green tea chest tray and the little s&p shakers, just lovely x

  6. Have to say I am wantiong near everything in your haul cept that freaky bedroom picture lol Look at that fella in his robe so funny.
    Those sheets are very awesome and being new wow!

  7. oh wow! these are gorgeous! especially love the sheets :)

    kel x

  8. I absolutely LOVE your blog! You found so many great things today, I love them all. I especially like the little glasses at the top and the 50's type dish. You surely made a haul :)

  9. What a fantastic haul. My fav would be the depression tray, I just love the colour and the added greatness underneath. Can't wait to see more. ps.s I have the same Johnson Bros teasets :)

  10. Great finds! I love those sheets, that ad is super creepy.

  11. Superb finds, love that tray and sewing basket the most though.melx

  12. What fun finds! Could those be cruets? Hmmm... I don't know. The tray is a really pretty color. And LOVE the wild sheets!

  13. Lucky you, what a fab array of gorgeous things. I love the sewing box and the sheets ~ and I quite understand why you want to keep the coloured glass vases, they are such vibrant colours and would make a lovely display. Happy Friday ~ Haizi x

  14. Hi nice to meet a fellow horder, thanks for your comments
    Cate x


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