Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I did on Saturday morning...

Mr M said 'you can go to some garage sales if you like' (and leave the kids for a couple of hours). Woo hoo! Here is what I found.

The clock is now in our lounge room as Master M requested that Mr M swap the clocks. The other clock we had in there was round. Master M told us that we would need to 'paint a square now'. We told him that we had painted the wall behind the clock so that wouldn't be necessary. LOL. The green doesn't really complement the rest of the room but we are pretty much just dreaming about our extension at this stage so it can stay (for now)

The mixing bowl is JAJ - England. I am wanting to collect some old mixing bowls but I am not that keen on the pattern so this one is likely a seller.

Love the vintage playing cards but not yet sure if it is a full set. I bought them as I thought there would be someone who would find them useful (maybe scrap booking), and they are sure to be collectible. I think they may be 1950s but please correct me if I'm wrong. I found this great site when I was Googling the cards and placed a pic there for a bit of fun.
My cards on Collectors Weekly

The bowl is an Anchor lustre glass bowl. I found this website on the Anchor glass. There are some gorgeous things there (especially the Ruby glass). Anchor Hocking Museum

Couldn't let this little guy go. I am considering using it for one of the kids rooms. Master M needs a night light but not sure if I would trust the wiring. It is marked 1982 on the bottom. Cute.

Check out this adorable couple. Mabel Lucie Attwell - 'Memories of Yesterday' - 1987 


Excuse the green vase pic will you please. The computer is running sooo slow and to go back and fix it will likely lead to me having a nervous break down.

Another piece of depression glass in the first picture. I actually have one of these already but will hang onto it. I bought the fan because it reminded me of the one my Grandmother had. Don't really have any plans for it yet (why do I buy these things?- lol). The green trough vase is a bit 'ho hum' and I am not sure of the maker so will see how we go with that one( however it is that green colour I am liking so much at the moment). The old 'Book for Girls' is from the 60s.

At least I can feel good about my purchases on Saturday as the two sales I bought most from were both benefiting charities.  

Last stop was a Church market where I bought these hand made kitchen hand towels for $6 each!
Has anyone else picked up cute handmade things at Church or school markets?


  1. What great finds! And don't you just love your hubby for giving you a few hours free pass. The clock is an absolute winner, personally I think you should fix up your colour scheme to compliment the clock as it is a great feature.

  2. The clock is incredible and so are those cards -- the MCM motifs are really great.

    I've been on a re-wiring kicks here lately - 3 lamps and a clock. Crusty electrical wiring keeps me up at night. :-)

  3. LOL. I had to look up MCM - ahh. I love learning all this stuff! Wow - rewiring! Did you teach yourself or have you had some training
    Into Vintage?

  4. Don't you love getting "time off" to go op shopping without the kids!! Great finds, love the clock and playing cards especially!

  5. New follower here and am liking what I see.I got your link whe I saw your comment at someones blog dont ask me whos? Maybe Kittys and your name made me take a look at what you had.Glad I did

  6. You have a darling hubby as well,aren't we lucky girls?I love to google and find out more about my finds too.


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