Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gemsen Junk

A week or so ago I had my last all girls day. Master M had his last day at family day care before his carer goes on a three month holiday (he goes there once a week). By the time she is back, I will be back at work as I will have finished my maternity leave. Scary thought!

Decided to take a trip to Murray Bridge (South Australia) as they have some great oppies. Murray Bridge also has my favourite antique shop (which was sadly closed) and a  great kids clothing shop...well did have, I found it deserted. Hmm. Luckily Murray Bridge a couple fantastic junk shops and Gemsen Junk is one of them so was very glad it was open. As it turns out it is open 9am - 5pm 7days a week. Gotta love all week junk shopping!

You are going to have to excuse my photography as I had my 9.5kg,10month old in a sling on the front of me.  I was trying to take photos AND stop her from breaking anything. She has hands the speed of a pick pockets.

When I walked into Gemsen Junk I had to try and contain my excitement. It is HUGE and filled to the brim with STUFF!! The lovely owner seems to be able to pin point any object you may be looking for faster than a speeding bullet. They have my favourites: old kitchen scales - check, Pyrex - check, depression glass - check, kitchenalia - check. There is a stunning range of jewellery but unfortunately she didn't have any glass necklaces as she collects them herself and has over 4000!!! Yes, you heard me correctly, 4000! Wow that must be some collection! Makes my collection of about 15 look a bit pathetic. :)

Took some pics for you as best I could. This entry has taken a long time for some reason due to the pc  running slow and having trouble with the photo editor I am using. Grr. Enjoy! :)

Love these 50s red glass bowls.

These guys made me smile.

Love these old ice chests. When they were clearing my Grandparents place there was one like this out the back. Wish I has asked about it - hmm, hind sight.
Lots of jewellery - this is just a tiny sample.

Love the colours of these vases.

Salter scales of course!

Check out these packed shelves, I mean, where do you start?!

More shelves...

and more.

Some out of focus, bright coloured glass.

Here is a 'boys room' full of old tools.

I must go back there one day without any children and have a really good look around and maybe take some more photos. It's so much fun! I have my eye on some Pyrex and vintage mixing bowls also...

Gemsen Junk
60 Bridge Road
Murray Bridge
South Australia
(08) 8531 3592  

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  1. I loooove shops like this (as long as my children are not with me). I could just spend all day in there ferreting around- can't wait to see what tempts you. Melx


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