Thursday, May 26, 2011

Green Tea and Chocolate

Ok all. I was planning on starting another blog called ‘Green Tea and Chocolate’ which are my two favourite things to have in front of me while tapping away at the computer. You know, dip the chocolate in the hot tea, let it melt a bit and then devour…mmmm. This second blog was going to be a place for me to put everything that wasn’t related to vintage. You know the everyday stuff that might be slightly interesting and some nice pics. However, it has been sitting there empty for a few weeks as I have been humming and harring about starting it. So I am going to trial slotting some other things into this blog while sticking to the vintage theme and see how we go.

I thought I would start with a quick get to know me. I have two young children with my husband, a four year old boy and a nearly one year old little girl. I will be soon working again two days a week. Blogging is a bit of a hobby  and I am hoping to learn a bit of photography along the way. So here are some random things to share...

My favourite places in the whole wide world apart from my home are:

1. the property (farm) that was owned by my Great Grandparents. A small part of it has been kept in the family. See above picture.

This is my son who was 2 at the time. He was sick that day so was carrying his ‘Sheepy’ with him. I love that Sheepy is his favourite security toy as I bought Sheepy for him before he was born. I have since purchased a back up Sheepy from eBay as they are no longer in the shops. His sheep blanket had a close encounter with a shopping trolley a while back. His face was black from grime and torn from getting suck under trolley wheels, luckily my Mum was able to stitch him back together. If the spare sheep isn't needed  I will keep it for his first child. I think it would be a laugh.  

I remember the day this pic was taken clearly as I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was riding a motorbike at one stage and then realised that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. The next day I got quite sick with food poisoning but luckily all was well with the baby and morning sickness soon took over - doh.

2. This place is what I call ‘The Rocks at Port Elliot (South Australia)’. I would be found here if I had time to myself to ponder the world. Love all the different sounds - it's amazing how loud the ocean can be and the salt in the air feels cleansing. The force of the waves crashing against the rocks is so powerful yet a few metres out we once saw a huge sea lion having the most relaxing time bobbing calmly in the green water.

This is one of my favourite pic from our trip overseas (UK and Europe) taken in Venice. I was 13 weeks pregnant with my son and had a terrible time with morning sickness but still glad we went.

 I recently was sent this photo of me on my Christening day with Dad. I love this photo as Dad is no longer with us and this house were I grew up has been demolished. He did all the brick work behind us and I spent hours in front of that wood stove reading, watching TV or just  keeping warm. I even have a scar on my bum from getting too close to it when I was little.  I also managed to melt/burn/scold numerous clothing items. I was reminded about my school jumper time and time again. Luckily mum didn’t notice I had burnt my school skirt on another occasion. The big silver kettle was always boiling.

Love this photo of my husband, Mr M.

So there you go, not vintage and quite random but hey, we will see how we go. I am working on a vintage apron 'parade' right now so should have that up soon!


  1. Nothing like a bit of randomness I say and green tea and choc yep I get that xx

  2. Great post and so nice to learn a little about the woman behind the vintage. :-)

  3. I love that photo from Venice!

    Ciao Bella!


  4. So nice to know more about you and the kidlets- I think it only enhances a post about vintage to have some real life as well. Love that photo of you and your boy on the farm- the wildflowers are glorious. melx

  5. Thanks all for the commments. Much appreciated. You will likely be seeing more everyday things mixed in with the vintage. :)

  6. Hello! This is my first visit, and I'm delighted to be here! Your images are gorgeous, from your blog header to the landscape images in your post. I'll definitely be back, I'm a vintage lover!

  7. Thanks mitziscollectables! Have popped over to your blog. Love the plates!


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