Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vintage apron love.

I ran into a new friend at the Pre-school gates today and she asked what I was up to this afternoon. I was dumb struck. Umm, what do I say? Do I tell her I am dying to go home and take some photos of vintage aprons on my clothes line?? She may think me slightly crazy... a bit of a nutter. I just said 'not a lot' with a stupid look on my face. It was a surprisingly great weather today for the second day of winter (written on Friday), however still a bit dark to get really good photos.

I used to sell vintage aprons but for some reason I started hanging onto them (another thing to clog up my cupboards). I know that some crafty people use the material from the aprons to make other things, however I like them as they are, being used for the purpose they were made. Have yet to get them out when I am baking though...maybe one day. Below is a small sample of what I have.

Have a lovely Sunday...


  1. I love aprons too.I keepthem all as wll.

  2. I've never yet come across an apron while thrifting. These are beautiful. I LOVE the second one you photographed- if I owned that I would be popping it on every day when I was whipping up the latest batch of dairy free goodies. You could even wear a different one every day you lucky duck! Gorgeous collection- thanks for sharing. By the way, I so get you about school pick up- I mostly don't share either but did meet one mum who shares my enthusiasm for thrifting so it was worth blabbing to her! melx

  3. Nice to meet someone with the same interests hey Mel!

  4. Ha,had to laugh at this one. I picked up two new/old aprons this week and was wondering if I should share a pic. "Would anyone be interested",I thought. I don't actively seek them out but I'm thrilled to find them. I love your collection, so many pretty colour combinations esp. the green ones,(and I'm guilty of being a Hi and Bye Mum at school).

  5. Hi Simmone, I am new to the kindy pick up scene. Luckily this mum had already told me she was busy that arvo so I didn't feel so bad - lol. Re the aprons, I saw sellers on eBay with them and doing quite well so I bought them to sell but then fell in love with them (darn). At least you know someone would be interested in them! :)


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