Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not so vintage op shop finds.

My Sister-in-law told me about a new op shop that had just opened near her. She had done really well clothes wise as they have a deal on buy two get one free. 

I love when op shops are in their opening stages and they haven't been rummaged through by every Tom, Dick and Harry. There are still bargains to be had. I have noticed a lot of the oppies in South Australia don't seem to stock as much retro these days. The shops that do are becoming few and far between. I guess this is why I love garage sales so much. Not much vintage here at all apart from WAY over priced china. Here are my not so vintage  finds that cost a total of $20 (which is more than I normally spend in an op shop but I think I did OK anyway).

Cute skirt for Little Miss $3.

Top for Little Miss $3.

ESPRIT jumper for same little girl $3. One of these was free because of the deal.

Two brand new sample Country Road bowls. These are current Country Road stock (so I am told by my SIL - I wouldn't have a clue). $4 each.

Four matching brand new Country Road mugs for $3 each however I got two of these for free. Oh and DS bought a skipping rope for $1.


  1. Hiya, what cute finds for little miss, so pretty and they looks to be in fantastic condition. Tam x

  2. Hey Sherry....!!

    THANKS so much for popping in yesterday Lovey....Oh don't you worry....I have enough ideas for the both of us....hahahahaha....!!

    Your Op-Shop finds are WONDERFUL....ESPECIALLY the Country Road cups & bowls....!!

    I BET you'll find that your 'locals' don't seem to have any retro any more because they have dealers working in them....I KNOW that's the situation over here in Melbourne with MANY of them....The ONLY one's this doesn't seem to happen to are the Church run Ops....**sigh**....It was a VERY different story 10 years ago....!!

    THANK HEAVENS for Hard Rubbish I say....hahahahaha....!!!

    Here's hoping the Op-Shop angels are listening & you catch a Treasure with your next visit....!!

    Hope you're having a PEARLER of a week....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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