Thursday, June 16, 2011

Room to move!!

Finally after probably about three years of planning which included over a year to yet plans through the local Council our extension has started!! Poor Mr M has been sleeping in the dining room on a futon for most of the year just so he can get enough sleep to be able to go the work. Miss M is in the cot in our room (and in bed with me for half the night). I do like her sleeping in bed with me but I don't get to move much in fear of waking her, so feel like a stiff old lady by the morning. I am guessing it will still be a while until we are in the extension but at least it is starting to feel real since we are seeing things happening. Unfortunately our septic has now been partially blocked by the the excavation and we are starting to have plumbing issues. EEEKKKK! Luckily we are getting a new septic next week (fingers crossed) so it should be a short term problem. Currently our lounge room is the size of a bedroom (4m x 3.5m) so we won't know ourselves when we have space...sweet space!! All those beautiful trees around our house have cost us a bit since they have brought us up to extreme bushfire risk which means the house has to be reinforced. Just so excited I had to share!


  1. How excitement I bet you cant wait,I miss having my own home and doing things to it when I wanted.Cant wait to se the process unfold.

  2. Thanks Nelly. It would have been nice to have enough money to knock this house down and start from scratch. However then we would have had to pay to demolish, rent somewhere and then build a bigger house. Would just be too expensive. Not complaining though, it is a nice spot here and you can't say this house doesn't have character. LOL

  3. Oh what an undertaking you have started! Lets hope it's like having a baby and when all is done you will forget all of the pain!! Yes, you can do the fabric flowers I showed, really easy, only it looks like you are going to busy with the house for awhile


  4. So exciting, can't wait to see the progress. Our lounge is about the same size as your, our house is small too.

    I hope you all get a good night sleep soon, Tam x

  5. Oooh how exciting! Can you tell us more, any floor plans to share? That I way I can live vicariously through your renovation that is actually happening rather then mine which is still in the stage of Legoman and I being unable to agree on what exactly we plan to do in which order. melx

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! Yes Mel I will have to scan the floor plan for you. We are getting builders to do the outside and we are doing the inside myself (probably crazy). How do you find renovating with kids?


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