Monday, June 13, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

Happy first Birthday to my gorgeous little girl!!  I had so much fun organising my first girls party after four boys ones. It was a cup cake theme party with just close family invited (because that was enough stress for me - lol).

At one stage all the children iced and decorated cup cakes that I had made earlier. It all went really well and not as messy as I was expecting. They also played pass the parcel and spent the rest of the day tearing around the back yard.

We had a yucky week though as birthday girl had a high temp that started on Monday. It finally went and she woke temp free on Friday but she still wasn't herself. She also has 4 teeth coming at once. We held the party at my mums as until we get the extension done there is no room here.  When we arrived at Mums she cried and cried so off to bed for her. Luckily everyone was late. Once she woke she had a nice time crawling around the floor looking like a little ballerina in her pettiskirt. When we got home I noticed a rash on her trunk but because she had already been in contact with her cousins we couldn't do much about it. Likely Roseola. Oops, I feel bad but what can you do?

Birthday girl loved her birthday cake -  me not so much. The first attempt wouldn't come out of the tin and crumbled so I resorted to a packet mix and then in haste broke off a part of the bottom of the cup cake but all good in the end about 1/2 an hour before the party. Of course it worked well for my practice attempt.  I was still decorating when guests arrived (late). I found the butterfly and flower icing cutters from eBay for $6 for each set of three (including postage). I saw the same thing in a cake decorating shop locally for $27 (I would like to buy in Australia but it is a bit difficult when there is such a price difference)..

This is what it looked like after she had had a play. It looks small in this pic but was quite large and big enough to take slices from the other side. Not that I had many takers since they had filled up on cup cakes and sweets.

I really enjoyed making all the party food and found out how to make the pom poms from here: tissue Paper pom poms. This was a bit easier to follow than the Martha Stewart instructions.

I was going to make decorated cup cakes myself for the party but an email came through for 24 cupcakes for $25 at a bakery in the city so I couldn't go past that.

As you can see the cup cakes arrived late with the guests (empty cupcake stand in back ground).

Have you noticed that I used pink depression glass mixed in with the modern white. I only just found one of the plates last weekend and paid more than I normally would but knew I could use it for the party. I also used a clear depression glass vase to display the gingerbread on pop sticks.

All up a great day had by all (you should have seen the house I came home to  - what a mess!!).


  1. Such a cute photo! Happy birthday to little miss. The party food looks delicious! Tam x

  2. Hi Sherry, I seemed to have missed a post or two. As you can see from my blog, I love the mix of everyday life and vintage treasures, after all we can't spend our whole lives treasure hunting can we? Its nice to learn a little more about you and your gorgeous family and am looking forward to reading more. Thanks for visiting, Tam x

  3. Hi Tam, Love visiting your blog. It would be nice but no...we can't treasure hunt ALL the time. Thanks for the feedback. Sherry :)

  4. Cutest picture ever and what a feast they had Just reread your profile and I am with you in so many things you said including cooking and master of nothing lol.
    Thansk for dropping by as well xx

  5. What a fun party you had! Everything looks just wonderful.

  6. Awesome pics! All those delicious treats look amazing! It looks as though a fun time was had by all :-)

  7. Yum! everything looks so wonderful.Isn't it cute when kids dig into their first birthday cake. I thought those gingerbread flowers were a sweet idea, Happy birthday little one.

  8. Wow, you really went all out with the sweet treats! They looks scrumptious!


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