Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pics from the Wharf Markets, Pt Adelaide.

On Mothers Day we were having an afternoon tea at my SIL's house, so we left home a little early and visited the Port Markets on the way. Not much else to do on a Sunday.

I always ask the owners of stores if it is ok to photograph. Some of them look at me like I am crazy but others seem to understand - lol. Here are some pics for you.

As I have mentioned in the past, I have a thing for these old electric kettles. I really love the blue jug that is third in from the left. It has great curves and the colour is gorgeous. However being a bargain hunter there is no way I could bring myself to pay the $50 it has marked on it. Will have put it on my 'To Find' list.

Pretty Meakin set for four. Did I just say that? Hmm. I am getting old.

A retro budget box. Love this, check out the cute pics. Was marked $38 (too much for me). Wouldn't it be nice if we could pay our electricity bill in coins these days!

These look familiar, and again only four in this set. Maybe I was wrong when I thought I was missing one. I much prefer the blue and white (in other words - mine are sooo much better - lol).

The top part of this Edwardian high chair is adorable but the gears around the legs are a bit creepy and make it look like a piece of equipment that could be used in a torture chamber. It had an eerie feeling to it sitting there by itself. Sometimes antiques give off these kind of vibes don't you think? Times like this  I am glad that I live in this day and age where my best friend at meal times is a white IKEA Antiploe plastic fantastic high chair that I can hose down if need be.

 The gentleman at one stall wanted me to know all about this book. Printed in the 1930's it certainly not up to todays strict standards for our precious children's eyes. Perhaps we are overly cautious these days about what our children read or see on TV but now I can see how have become this way. Umm, Jack hung the Giants with a noose around the neck and illustrations included!! Night terrors anyone? Thank goodness they decided to only show the giants from behind!

Sigh. Can really see why some people love old type writers. So much character...

More canisters. Love the set with the green lids and I am pretty sure my Nana had some similar to the red and cream ones.

Miss Piggy would love this 'Kermit the Frog green' kettle.

Not usually such a fan of amber Depression glass but quite like it frosted. An elegant pair.

Had a great time but it was reaffirmed that children and vintage don't mix - even on Mother's Day!


  1. Love them all, especially that green kettle, fab!!!

  2. Thanks Thrifted Treasure and Kaytee, you have a way with words!

  3. Love that Edwardian high chair!!
    I'm actually in depression at the moment because we are downsizing and I'm going to have to sell my Victorian dresser.
    It won't fit in the new shoebox of a house we will be occupying for a couple of years.


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