Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome to my house.

When I was a little girl all I wanted for Christmas one year was a doll house. I don't remember if I actually told my parents or not but hey, Santa can read your thoughts can't he? About 6 years later my little sister was given a large wooden doll house for Christmas. Well, Mum will never live that one down.

My husband heard my sad story and when we were rummaging at some markets he decided to buy me this little retro plastic doll house which had never been opened. My son and I have played with it numerous times but generally it gets set up just so that an out of control driver can come crashing though it as soon as the last piece of furniture is moved into position.

 Just about finished but still needs to be fenced off with the bright red, tube fencing panels. Will call the contractors on Monday.

Audrey in the bedroom sitting staring at the chest of draws - maybe she's in the naughty corner.

Grandpa the dirty old man watching the dancing girls on the new fangled colour TV.

Total lack of privacy in the down stairs bathroom for Billy.

Sally and her Mother in Law having an amicable conversation under the umbrella in the sun. Check out the body language.

Oh no!! Watch out for the hoon driver! Teenagers these days - grr!

Total carnage.

Disclaimer: Nobody was harmed in the photographing of this entry...


  1. Oh I love it so much!! Is her name really Audrey? That's my daughter's name :)

  2. Love it , and your commentary. I agree the figures do seem to be very 50's uptight don't they. Glad to see your boy appreciating the wonders of dolls houses. Next he'll have the fire and rescue in when the car explodes. Mel:)


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