Monday, November 21, 2011

Would you buy it Wednesday

So, I have not posted in what seems like ages! I am working on a couple of things for my blog but I didn't want to miss 'Would you buy it Wednesday' yet AGAIN. I have been wanting to link to Junker Newbie for a long time but I keep missing the dead line. I hummed and harred about this pouffe for about 10 seconds and then decided that as it was only $4,  what is the worst that can happen?  I could always give it away. However I had bought quite a few other things in the one shop and on the way home I was wondering if I should have taken it home. It was then I realised that I had NOT taken it home, I had actually left it in the shop (paid for)!! Luckily I was only 5 minutes into my hour journey home. So what do you think? Would you have bought it?

PS Love these colours but what you can't see in the pic is a silver overlay pattern on the aqua sections, very interesting.


  1. I most certainly would have bought that.

  2. uhmmmm......

    YES OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT!! It is fabulous and for $4 dollars you cannot go wrong.

  3. Definetely and absolutely. I love a good pouffe. Yours is a beauty x

  4. Totally and Kylie took the words out of my mouth. And your harlequin mustard and aqua is so much groovier than my dirty white and green footstool. And if you get sick of it just sew a removable cover. melx


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