Sunday, February 6, 2011


Cute or ugly? Tough call.

Had a bitter sweet day today. The morning was quite traumatic due to a 7 month old with back log issues (will say no more), and in the afternoon I attended my first 'High Tea' at a ritzy hotel. Quite a contrast I must say. It was nice to be a bit 'la de da' for an afternoon. 

OK, so I said that I would get back here with my Saturday finds but unfortunately I didn't get the photos done when it was light (the flash doesn't do them justice). Instead I thought that I might show you a few of the things I have sold in the past. Actually, I may still have that cookie jar somewhere... 

I think they have a tacky sort of quality don't you? The kind of possessions you remember from your childhood because they were bright, interesting and stood out from the rest.

Very tall S&P shakers!
 Will be back with the first of my finds tomorrow. 

1960's Budget Box

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