Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 op shops and only one buy :(

We had nothing planned for today so I text my sister to see what she was up to. It was 9:15am so I assumed she was still in bed when I didn’t hear anything back. She is a bit of a sleepaholic, well, excessively sleep dependent anyway. I decided it was time to bank the cheques that have been sitting on the sewing machine for forever (yes, that gorgeous old Singer in the pic). Right next to the bank is an op shop and one just a bit further down the main street and then one even further down and then two on the other side of the road on the way back…you get the picture. I told my son if he behaved (he loves the pram skateboard but gets bored in shops) we would get him a gingerbread man on the way back to the car (was proud of myself as I resisted, will forget about the choc mint ice cream I just got into). The gingerbread man bribe worked well. The walk was really just something to do as the op shops in Mount Barker are packed with clothes and shoes but not what I am after. I did pick up the retro girls sheet pictured that I thought might be useful for a crafty person to use as material. I did see a lovely Shorter and Son pitcher but priced a bit high for me as a bargain hunter. My SIL rang me and was telling me about an op shop in the city that had only just reopened after Christmas and was packed to the rafters when she went today. Hmm. I wish she wouldn’t tell me these things. We got home and had lunch and I got a text from my sister saying she had only just got up at 12:44pm! Some people have got it made me thinks!


  1. oh, I LOVE this!

    And oh to the days of sleeping past 6.30 am!!!

  2. Yes I am very jealous of that. Lol


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