Saturday, February 12, 2011

I would lose my head...

I was just trying to put my little girl to bed when I got a phone call from my Sister-In-Law. She had send my husband an SMS and then received a call back from his phone. It wasn't my husband on the other end as she had expected, it was a lady with a croaky voice. This lovely lady told her that a girl (girl - I love that) had left a phone at her garage sale today. Oops. That would be me. I really would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on. Luckily my husband didn't mind fetching it as it was the same sale that I had bought him some X-Box games from. So he is off to the 'garage sale ladies house' (as she called herself) at 8:20pm to pick up his phone and see if there are any other games he might like. Worked out well in the end. Note to self: do not leave personal possessions at garage sales, they may be sold.

Do you remember I wrote a couple posts back that I missed out on a set of red vintage scales at a garage sale? Look what I found at a garage sale today! Very strange that I should come across the exact same set of scales a couple of weeks later. They cost me $10 which is more than the others would have cost, but it's a fair price. At the same sale I also picked up some cupboards for my husbands shed. He is always on the look out for storage and for $40 for two wardrobes they will do the job (once he puts some shelves in them). I almost forgot about the faux tortoise shell knitting needles that I scored. They will likely be sold on as I am not a knitter (unfortunately - I would love to be).

This is one of the things I am yet to show you from last weeks garage sale finds. I picked up this gorgeous dolls house for just $6. It has some sticker residue and needs a bit of a touch up, but I think it's lovely. Now all it needs is some furniture and a family!

My husband has just returned home with four more X-box games. I guess that makes up for me nearly losing his phone. :)


  1. Love that doll house, what a great find! I am keeping my eyes out for something similar locally as a birthday present for Miss A in a few years time! I've been collecting bits and pieces to fill it with, carpet, furniture etc now I just need the house haha!

  2. Very cute doll house. I think $6 is an absolute bargain.

  3. Just found your blog via Life in the Country and will be following from now on. I have 3 vintage scales- one persinware and 2 others in cream/red and green that have been the feature in my kitchen for years. Lucky you for finding the set that you previously missed. Also that dolls house is a such a good find- I have been looking for one at garage sales/council cleanup for ages - can't believe it was only $6. I love ferreting for treasures and love to share with likeminded folks- for me it is more fabric and kids books/toys as I have littlies as well. I am over at


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