Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did I do ok today or what!!

Went for a bit of a drive with the family for something to do. My husband spotted a garage sale first as he normally does. I had a gander at it and managed to break something!!! Luckily it wasn't really worth much so I told the owner and gave her a couple of  bucks for it. She was happy with that but then hounded me to buy something else (not because I broke her thing, just because she wanted sales). I picked up a jug but put it back down and said 'I am fine thank you, bye'. She shouted after me, 'come on you want to buy something! The jug! 50c!'. I replied 'no, no I am fine thankyou'. She seemed to get angry and kept shouting after me 'look, you buy something!' I picked up my pace 'no thankyou' and jumped in the car. Hmm. She was a bit scary!

I will be back later with some photos of the things that I bought. I have 3/4 of an hour until I have to go out and my daughter won't sleep! Most likely she will wait until we have to go into the car and then scream it down. Oh the joys... :)

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