Friday, August 5, 2011

One for the Garage 'Sailors'

Last night Mr M and I watched the movie 'Second-Hand Wedding' and had quite a few chuckles. I thought I would share with you as I really enjoyed it. It is about a garage sale obsessed mother and her not so keen on the idea daughter. It had been my pick from the DVD shop and hubby said that it must have just jumped off the shelf into my hands because it was me all over. I have not seen this one advertised before - probably because it is a bit of a B-grade beauty. I could totally relate to the excitement of finding a bargain and couldn't help but smile most of the way through. It's a New Zealand flick and I loved that it was so down to earth. I think anyone who enjoys going to garage sales (or 'sailing' as Mr M and I call it) would love it. I especially enjoyed a scene where the main character asked her husband to guess how much she had bought something for. Reminded me so much of my Grandfather and Dad (and me also). :) Why does no one seem to like that game? Hee hee. After a hard day at work where I had come home brain dead it was nice to not have to think too much and just relax and have a giggle.

Master M had a whole day of  Pre-school for the first time on Tuesday last week. He had a fantastic time which was wonderful and I was so relieved. While he was there I decided that I would make another trip to Murray Bridge as I had left a Pyrex casserole dish at a junk shop that I couldn't stop thinking about. Alas it was gone but these bowls were still there. I thought about it for a long while and decided that they would just have to come home with me. Little Miss was getting grumpy and over it, so that helped the decision along.
To be honest I am still coming to terms with using second mixing bowls and other crockery/glass ware. I think after I have used them a few times I will get over it (and after they have had a bath in some disinfectant). Like my SIL says 'you use other peoples cutlery and crockery in a resturant so what is the difference'. This is coming from a true germophobe.

I picked up this blue Depression glass plate for $1 at a Red Cross oppie. Not sure what I am going to do with it but I am a sucker for coloured Depression glass (unless it is amber, then I only really like frosted).

'Twas slim picking in Murray Bridge I must say. I bought a vintage doll/teddy bear clothes knitting pattern and a funky vintage apron and that was it.

Has been beautiful weather in Adelaide, South Australia this week, but has rained all day today. We even got a 25 degree day on Wednesday, in this the last month of winter!!! I can't complain. However the latest regarding our extension is that the bricklayer came by today and told us that it is too wet to lay our bricks right now and he might have to wait until SUMMER!!! Yes...SUMMER!! That is still a few months away. Ahhh! Were were hoping it would be done for Christmas.

Oh well, I guess we have waited this long, we can wait a bit longer. At least the kids will still have somewhere to ride their bikes!


  1. I always have a momentary shudder at using dishes/bowls for the first time as well. But I figure that 99% of people are very fastidious and clean.

  2. That sounds like a fun movie! I love your pretty blue plate!

  3. I am going on the hunt for that movie sounds like me too.Love your bowls even tho I dont collect them I most likely would have grabbed those.
    Hope the brickie is wrong and you get the job done sooner xx

  4. Love those bowls, I would have turned back for them too. Enjoy your slab, the kids will love the bricks being delayed.melx

  5. Sounds really interesting, I will have to try and track it down. Love the colour of the bowls, sometimes I feel the same way about using old bowls, but never really thought about the restaurant comparison...makes sense. Hope the summer comes around fast for you!


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