Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not so Depressing Depression Glass and a 50s find.

I ended up back at Murray Bridge last Friday as when I was there Tuesday I noticed that my  favourite antique shop in the area had a big closing down sign and of course it wasn't open right then. I ended buying this pink Depression glass cake plate (small chip) for $15 (was marked $22). Of course way more than I would normally pay, but I have a thing for the pink plates since I used them for my daughters first party.  Very Nana and something that I would have looked past 5 years ago. It's so prrretty. I am hoping that it is not a reproduction as it seems a little too perfect. Even if it is I still love it.

I recently found this pretty pink plate in our shed, yes sometimes I forget what I have in there. I didn't use it for the party because I thought I had sold it, and even thought I had sold it for $15 - lol, shows how good my memory is. It's a bit frilly for my liking, but I think it's a keeper. It was found at the oppie at my work. The old duck who works there is up with prices of things (she has a pc in the oppie and I am pretty sure she is scanning eBay).  I once over heard the other ladies who work there having a granny bitch session about her and her crazy marked up prices. Hee Hee. She is a bit of a hard arse (sorry couldn't thing of a better term). I tend not to go there because I get frustrated, but this was marked $5 and I must admit I felt a bit triumphant (one for me, zero for crazy price granny). 

I have been wanting a green square butter lidded dish for a while but only at a cheap price. I think this is a bread one (bigger rectangle size). I picked it up at a GS while on holiday. It was marked $20 but I got it for $15. Again is a bit much but they tend to go for $40 or more on eBay. If it wasn't something I wanted I would never pay that much. Needs a bit of a clean but can you see the imperfections in the lid. See all the swirls It's what I really love about Depression Glass.

These salad servers were 50cents each set. There were groovy red ones also but had too much damage from use. I love these colours. Funky don't you think?

Another Murray Bridge find was this 50's atomic cake plate for $2. Does anyone know if these types of things are worth buying for resale? Not that I am doing any of that at the moment. I saw a few other 50s numbers. Light glass, cheap I guess. Probably one of those things that you need to stock away for 10 years time when they will be worth more. Mr M and I watch too much Collectors on ABC and get itchy to start hoarding potential future money makers. Lol. So far we have resisted.

Hope you all had a great weekend and if you are overseas enjoy our Sunday and think about me working as it's Monday here!


  1. oh my gosh i love it all! depression glass is just gorgeous and you have a lovely collection right there. love!

  2. I have never seen a cake stand like the one in your pic, it's gorgeous and at only two dollars, even more gorgeouser (?)

  3. I am obsessed with depression glass.I haven't started my collection yet but i plan on yellow or green.I love them in those colors.There is a guy here and his store has the biggest collections of every color.It will be hard to


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