Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great blogs to check out (is yours here?).

Thanks to Tam who has the gorgeous to look at and always great to read blog A Treasured Past for passing on the Versatile Blogger award. Definitely worth making your way over there especially if you love vintage like I do.

Here is what I now need to do to accept this award:

1. Thank the person who gave them the award and link back to them, 2. Share 7 things about yourself, 3. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Seven things about myself...hmm. That's a few, will see how I go.

1. I met my husband when I was 18 and it took him weeks to ask for my number. We got engaged when I was 23 and married at 24.

2. When my daughter was born I was shocked to discover that she had RED HAIR!! No close/direct family member have red hair on either side. The closest being my husbands cousin and on my side my Great Grand Mother and a couple of my Mums cousins. It's a recessive gene you see so it has to be on both sides of the family. Nearly every day I get comments on the hair. I am ready to make her a T shirt that says the following:

No my Dad does not have red hair.
The Milkman joke is getting really old.

Remember that in Australia red heads sometimes are given a hard time and there are numerous nick names for them- some not so nice.

Here is how the conversation went when I phoned my Mum to tell her my daughter was born.

Me: blah, blah, labour story etc
Mum: Blah, blah, questions
Me: There is one thing about her that is a little different...
Mum: Oh...what's that???
Me: She has red hair.
Mum: You auburn??
Me: No, it's red.
Mum: You mean it's like...a ginger brown colour??
Me: No (looking at little Miss to see if you can classify it as any other colour than red)'s red.
Mum: Ha ha ha!!
Me: Ha ha ha!!!

I am still amazed at her hair and the fact she doesn't look anything like me when Master M is a lot like me. Hmm, genetics. :)

3.  I am likely the most uncoordinated able bodied person that you a likely to meet.

4. I can put my little fingers in and out of joint - very important information there.

5. Would love to have my own successful online business so that I could quit my job and be my own boss.

6. I am terrified of public speaking.

7. My first car was a Honda Civic 1974 hatch. It was aqua blue. My Dad reconditioned the engine for me just so I could overheat it a few years later and eventually kill it (it put up a really good fight).  Actually, I thought it had had it's day but I sold it to an ex neighbour who fixed it up. A few years later I found myself following it. It made my day to see it happy (but I was a little jealous that it had a new owner). It was such a great car and I was a quite attached to it.  Hmm, will see if I have a pic.

The photos are B&W because I was trying out an old SLR with B&W film (not because it was sooo long ago that I got my first car). I wish the pics were colour because the aqua made it. The day the pic was taken my friend and I decided it would be funny to bite the legs off our jelly babies and stick them all over the car, can you see them on the front bumper?

See in the bottom pic there are magnets stuck above the window near the rear vision mirror.Was my thing to collect magnets and have them around the windscreen as it was all aqua metal.

Recently found blogs to pass the award onto. 

Don't feel obliged to accept (you may have this one already anyway) but we would love to know more about the person behind the blog.

1.  My Friends Call me Nelly - Love this girl and her vintage frocks and finds. Great sense of humor. She always makes me chuckle.

2crazy house capers - Always something interesting to look at. Simmone and her hubby renovating an old cottage.

3. Martyr-hood - Great read, this lady is amazing with four children under 5.  The author already has this award but thought I would put it here anyway as it is worth checking out.

4.  Sir Thrift A lot - Great title banner (is that what you call it?) don't you think! Retro finds.

5. Thrifted Treasure - lots of funky retro and vintage to look at. Check out Casserole Central, love, love love.

6. I Love Collecting - This lady has soo much to see. I love visiting her blog to see what she has (and how many of each type of thing she has collected).

7. Kit & Nancy - stunning photography, vintage, retro and baking. Doesn't get much better than this!

8. Scarlett Loves Elvis - I have only just added this blog to my list but looks like my kind of blog, will have to check it out some more.

9. Mitzi's Miscellany - lots of vintage eye candy.

10. Timber and Tin  - because I love old Queenslanders.

11. Joyful Treasure Hunting - again another great vintage/junk/retro blog to check out.

I am with you Tam and just putting down these eleven and as you said they are in no particular order.

Will be back soon with some more things I found on our short holiday and to introduce you to a new family member.


  1. Awww you are so sweet wasnt expecting an award and am so glad you get a chuckle.
    Those chewed off jelly babies remind me how nice they used tio taste compared to the ones of today.Is it I am getting old (dont answer that!) or have they just lost their nice flavour?
    Anyway I will try and do 7 things about me for you and Vintage Sweetheart who gave me same award (aint I special?lol )very soon.Time isnt in my favour lately hence lack of posts xxxx

  2. Yay, just found your blog & LOTS more about you in this post, hello, how do you do!!
    As for on line business dreams, great when you have really little ones, after a decade, i'm all but putting mine on hold as my children are hitting high school & their lives, homework, i'm so glad i'm a housewife again. Being your own boss - every single customer is your boss, it's fun & empowering, but draining.
    Have a gorgeous Spring day, love Posie

  3. Hey hun, thanks so much for passing on the award, totally enjoyed reading your facts :o) Scarlett x

  4. Oh wow, thank you for this!!! You've made my day! Just catching up on my fave blogs today after a hectic few weeks, I did a "7 things about me" post a while back (link below) but I reckon another one is on the cards when I get the chance, thanks again :-)

  5. PS lovely to read some more about you :-)

  6. Hello! I'm an American visitor, I crossed the pond on another blog and have been jumping around eying all your treasures! I'm following, perhaps I've come the greatest distance today to visit.



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