Monday, August 22, 2011

Copper Coast Junk

Last week Mr M had the week off before starting his new job today. Very proud of him for getting this new job which required an interview and an online exam. We decided to get away for four nights to the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. First two nights just us and then two with my Mum and sister. That way Mr M could go fishing without feeling guilty to leaving me with the kids. As it turned out the weather was shocking (sunny this week of course) so not much beach action or fishing for that matter. Master M only got two hours of digging in the sand and throwing rocks in the water the whole four days we were there. 

The weather meant though that I got lots of oppies in because there was not a lot else to do. Here is a small selection of what I picked up. Will show you the rest later.

 My favourite first. I saw this on the shelf in the Red Cross at Moonta and thought the tag said $18. Well I think I must have imagined it said $18 because it didn't, it said.....wait for it.....$4!! Woo hoo!! I have sold quite a few plain enamel tea pots (older than this one) and wondered if I should have (as you do) so this one is a keeper. Love, love it!!

It was 4:00pm and we pulled up to an oppie just as they were closing up. Luckily they were nice enough to let us have a look around. I saw this Crown casserole dish without a price on it and was told I could have it for $2.50. Once I got in the car I saw the tag - honest I didn't see it before - it was $5. Didn't feel so bad once I peeled off the sticker and noticed it was covering a chip in the paint!! I also bought some other stuff so it was worth their while to stay open for a few more minutes...umm...make that 15!!

Well I have to thank Mr M for this one because I didn't spot it, he did. I hadn't noticed it up on the top shelf for 50c!!! I am thinking Nally Ware?? Needs a little clean.

This was bought at a junk shop in Minlaton for $2. I have a beige one that was my Nana's so I guess that's why I bought this one??? Can't think of why else I did. Hee hee.

This fibre glass tray I picked up at Kadina ($2). Pretty funky don't you think?? I also picked up a rectangle one at the same time that I will show you later.

A bit beat up but can salt and pepper shakers be 'chippy'?  Maybe that will save them? They have character...what can I say.

Another colour to add to my salad server collection. Theses must have been very popular, they seem to pop up everywhere. 50 cents.

$2 for the Aussie made Agee Pyrex pie dish. So bright and happy!

My Oppie Map - Yorke Peninsula South Australia. Minlaton was quite a long way. Love Yorks.

Have a great week!


  1. Wow you bought some lovely things on your little holiday...
    SNAP! I bought the very same Crown casserole from a little op-shop here (in Perth) yesterday!
    I really love the little syrup jug and those mushroom s&p shakers too.

  2. LOVE them all, but especially that kettle, delicious!!!

  3. Congratulations on the new job Mr M!

    Lots of op shops sounds great! You found some yummy pieces. Tam x

  4. What a gorgeous colourful collection of finds. Love the enamel kettle and really love that gorgeous floral tray. Are you displaying all this colour in your kitchen? That is the dream for my new kitchen that I am designing in my head- lots of shelves for all the vintage colour. melx


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