Thursday, July 28, 2011

House with a roof!

Here's a house with a floor, with a floor, with a floor

Here's a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall

Here's a house with a roof, with a roof, with a roof

I can't wait to be in our house, in our house, I can't wait to be in our house!!


  1. That photo of the kids rolling around on the foundation is priceless! :-) I think the anticipation of this project might do me in ... please build faster! What a wonderful thing to look forward to though. Love the giant 'alfresco' area.

  2. How exciting! What a fantastic space you are going to have..and a walk in pantry and a claw foot bath, perfect!

  3. We are doing the inside ourselves, kitchen and bathroom and fittings and fixtures. The old bath is from the house I grew up in that was demolished. We have photos of us as kids in it. I will get a pic, it isn't in good shape but sure will look great restored.

  4. Goodness you are powering along, how exciting. Love the kids enjoying the slab. My kids career round the house on their ride ons- lucky the floors are old and cruddy! melx

  5. Were you singing when you made this post? You typed the phrases repeatedly as if you were rapping or something. I can tell that you're very excited! Congratulations, anyway. :D

    Sierra Nordgren

  6. I was actually, it's a kids song over here but it ends with 'theres no house anymore, anymore' so I changed it. Thanks for stopping by!


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