Saturday, July 9, 2011

Been missing in action.

Hey All!

Have been quite sick the last couple of weeks and today is the first time I have felt up to posting. Gee it is hard to look after kids when you're sick isn't it!! Have you seen that advert on TV when the guy is sick and the house locks him in and he just HAS to go and spend all day in bed? I am SOOO jealous of that guy. He has got it good. LOL.  I thought I had the flu at first but now seems it may be Glandular Fever. I am going to ask for a blood test on Monday so I know what is going on. I have golf balls each side of my neck which is interesting.

I will do a proper entry when I am better but see the little retro bobby pins up the top of the page? I bought a stack of them a few years ago and one packet didn't sell. I decided to hang onto them just in case I had a little girl. So guess what little miss will be wearing when she is old enough not to try and eat them? So cute.


  1. Just saw your comment Frock on a Friday is something that a few bloggers I follow do I have no idea whos idea it was.I bought the Stars of Vintage domain as one day I hope maybe to have a shop with that name using alot of old movie stars pics.
    Hope you feel lts better soon GF isnt a noce thing to have my hubby and one daughter have had it and it can come back at

  2. Gorgeous bobby pins, your little treasure will looks as cute as a button.

    Hope you feel better soon, I hear that glandular fever can knock you around for a long while. Try and get some rest when you can. Tam x

  3. Sorry to hear your tales of illness and woe. Can relate- pretty much going on the same up here. Have had the most suckful school holidays with myself sick (also with HUGE glands on only one side of my neck which confounded all the medics and blood tests did not find the cause)took nearly 3 weeks to get better and both children sick with high fevers, 2 yo having second episode now in 3 weeks. Hating winter, just wanted you to know someone else was suffering the perils of being sick with sick kids. melx

  4. Gorgeous blog! I wish I found it sooner. I love it - keep up the beautiful posts you are making eye candy for me during these cold miserable days at home.

  5. Welcome back....I hope you feel better soon. I love those little bobby pins. I would have loved those when I was a kid!

  6. Thanks for the comments! I have spent today cleaning and getting up witht he back log of washing. Lucky for me Mum has taken the kids for a couple hours. Hmm. I guess I shouldn't be on here...I should be cleaning. Everyone deserves a break though don't they?!


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