Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrifty finds and window shopping

I really have to get back to garage sales because I am having NO luck at the oppies. Ahh, it's been slim pickings this week I can tell you! I did see a fantastic retro side board in mint condition for $65. I am kicking myself now that I didn't grab it and I am sure by the time I go to the op shop later this week it will be gone (oppie is about a 30 minutes drive).  The one that got away.

I did find these Bendigo Pottery mugs for 50c each. There were six but two of them have some crazing that has gone dark. These have crazing but they are not too bad. Linking in with Flea Market Finds.

I found this night gown for $5, I can't help myself with vintage clothes if they are cheap.

It's a gorgeous colour don't you think.

Next is this little vintage box of title letters for the old movie cameras. I remember Dad had a Super 8 movie camera when I was growing up. I wrote and directed my first film using that camera. My siblings and I then went onto the big chunky VHS camera and made many short films and documentaries. A full length feature my brother, sister and I wrote, directed and starred in  was called 'Nightmare on New Street' (we lived on New St). A thriller, come mild horror that starred a meat cleaver hanging from a broom stick with fishing wire. We used a hair dryer to flick pages of books to make it look like a ghost was reading it - it was a classic! At one stage we needed a voice over for one of my little sister's scenes, we were in a bind as she had gone to  bed. As my brothers voice hadn't broken yet we used his scream, worked perfectly.  I hope we can find the movie one day and it's still watchable, it was a bit of a crack up and even had a gag real to the song Dizzy byVic Reeves with the Wonder Stuff. Ahh, thems were the days.

Below are some pics from a swap meet on the weekend. Unfortunately I got there late and they were packing up as I was looking. Also about 60% of what was being sold was car parts. Still I found a few interesting things to gawk at.

Like this gorgeous girl, I can just picture her in her heyday. Beautiful...

Vintage radios are always good.

The owners of this day bed tried really hard to sell it to me so that they wouldn't have to cart it home again.

While the porter on the left was beaming at me and wanting his picture taken with my new fang dangled camera, the one on the right was not so impressed but has to put up with people like me if he wants his tip.

Here the swap meet is, partly packed up already at 11:00am. Well I did have a late night.

The reason I was up so late the night before (apart from Little Miss keeping me up all night) was a catch up with school mates at one my friends new rental. It is huge! It was built by one of the well-to-do business families in the district (I am thinking 1950's but not sure). It still has most of the original features and around every corner was something to ohh and ahh at. Here is a small selection below.

Ok so the pics are not the best but terrazzo, wall paper and original appliances make for a retro cool house.

The week that was:

Spent a relaxing day celebrating my sisters 30th birthday today. That is her jumping off the jetty at Port Elliott. Managed to not get burnt, had a bit of a swim and even managed to fit in a quick thrift shop (but as I said, poor pickings this week). We were supposed to go out for dinner tonight but she changed her mind and stayed down at the beach, can't say I blame her. Wish I was still down there too!


  1. The colour od that night gown is gorgeous! That house looks very cool, fitted out with retro features. I'd like to see your movie too it sounds hilarious.

  2. I'm not having any op shop luck of late either. Whats the deal man? I thought there'd be tonnes of retro goodies around due to post Christmas clean outs? But alas, the search continues...
    The movie sounds awesome indeed - the story made me smile. Great post.xx

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time making movies with your brother and sister! Hope you find it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Mmmmm, oggling the radios. I do like a vintage radio but I LOVE my digital - such a breeze to use.

    Loved seeing the photos of your mate's new rental. Classic stuff. xx

  5. *That nightgown is quite lovely*
    The sofa and chairs would have been absolutely luxurious.
    - I am looking for a vintage radio just like one of those pictured. (No luck around here yet)
    Those figurine guys are so cute. Even if the one in the red is a bit moody.

  6. I really enjoyed this post! All the photos and everything you wrote put a smile on my face!

  7. Hi Sherry, thanks for great feedback.

    Love the little day bed and the club lounge is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photos of the swap meet,can't believe the Goulburn one is just around the corner again...a year sure does go fast. I have been house bound for a few days, so gonna hit the oppies and tip shop tomorrow, fingers crossed. Happy birthday sis....

    Some how I nearly missed your post....

  8. I've just about given up on op-shops here, I'm thinking garage sales are the way to go too...
    Your friend's house looks very cool, especially the Frigidaire. Love it. We had very similar tiles and terrazzo in our old early 60's house. Still wishing nearly three years later it wasn't our old house.
    I love the Title Your Films set Sherry, and your movie sounds awesome x

  9. Wow thet swap meet looks amazing!! Wish the bootsales had such goodies here. The charity shopping in my town has been pretty poor, not much vintage to be had at all :o( Scarlett x

  10. Wow, you have some terrific vintage treasures! I'm into vintage and love thrifting. Glad to have found your blog and am a new follower!


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