Monday, January 30, 2012

I blame all of YOU!

Yes, it is all YOUR fault. Ok, it started with me as I loved my Mums Pyrex mixing bowls, I thought it might be nice to have a set as I used to bake with them as a kid.  It should have ended there with the bowls, it should have but it didn’t. Once I started blogging a whole new world of Pyrex opened up to me, the gorgeous colours and the patterns.  I mean, I don’t have to feel guilty collecting Pyrex because it is useful and cheap (mostly) but my cupboards are filling up. Last week my sister and I stopped off at Savers which is a new thing to South Australia (actually the only one in SA). I found the Pyrex below for $3-$4 each and I couldn’t help myself. I love them all apart from the blue and white, I just like that one. Probably should have left it there.  See what you Pyrex lovers have done to me, I think I might be a little Pyrex mad!

I love the pattern on this dish. 

 My Nana and Pa had a gorgeous huge red club lounge suite when I was young.  In the 80’s they replaced it with a modern two seater and two recliners. They covered it in white sheets to protect it. I remember saying to my Dad that they might as well have kept the old lounge and covered it in sheets. To my horror he told my Nana this, I was so embarrassed. When they went on their annual six week caravan holiday to the coast they had an unexpected house sitter. A possum had  ventured down the chimney, made a huge mess and unfortunately passed away in their lounge room.  "See! This why we have sheets on the lounge" I was told.  Hee, hee.

My Nana came over from Wales when she was seven and went back for a holiday in her older years. She brought home a heap of tea towels and so the sheets came off the lounge and the tea towels went on (as a head rest). I must say that I thought it was a much better idea, at least you could see the new lounge. I remember her having this one so I had to grab it (it's never been used either, just like hers!). She was a fantastic Nana with a cheeky spark.

This short glass vase is a cutie and I like having vases in the cupboard (Mr M likes glass also so I can use that as an excuse).

I also picked up a Holly Hobbie sheet but the pic keeps going sideways so I am giving up on that one. Have listed it on eBay.

The week that was:

I hit the town with my sister and her friend and some of our cousins on Saturday night. Well it has been about 5 years in between nightclub drinks for this old duck. My cousin (pictured) and I used to hit the town every weekend from 18 to early twenties but these days it's nappies and snot instead.  We had a blast even though we were with young chickies of 24-30 that made us feel very old indeed.

Me on the left.

Have a great week!
Sherry :)

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  1. Guilty as charged! Hope you keep catching the Pyrex bug. ;)

    I have also had to downsize my Pyrex collection over the last couple years, but I have had an ok time finding local buyers.

  2. Lovely finds ~ I must admit there are some really pretty pyrex dishes about and I have been trying to control myself from starting another collection! I love the story about your Nana and Pa covering their furniture with white sheets ~ I remember when we had a bird come down the chimney (we were away at the time for a few days) and it made a mess all over the sofa because it couldn't get out ~ now if only we had put a cover on it ~ it wouldn't have been a problem ~ lol! Thank you for sharing ~ Haizi x

  3. Totally get you on the whole pyrex thing- i am in love too and just keep finding it everywhere. Cannot wait for a new kitchen so I can actually display some of it- all the different colours and patterns are wonderful. I have seen you over on pyrex collective- you are a true addict now!. No need for rehab yet, perhaps sell the ones you only like to justify the ones you love. melx

  4. You have some lovely pieces and pyrex is too pretty to hide in cupboards. Love the last pic!

  5. Funny I really like the blue and white one!! Great photo of you. x

  6. Can one really have too much Pyrex?? So far I am still at the ("No I don't think so stage") *lol*
    The ones you found are lovely.
    The little glass vase is quite cute too.

  7. Go the pyrex! Hope you are really well, I don't have internet at home at the moment so been away from the blogging world for awhile!Hopefully back soon!

  8. Hi Sherry, I love the sheet story, had a good chuckle. Great pyrex collection.

    p.s.Its nice to see you, you are gorgeous!

  9. Your pyrex is lovely i don't own any yet but i do keep looking at it and there are some gorgeous designs. Your nan sounds lovely i did smile about the possum ;-)) Thank you for your lovely comment. dee x


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